How to Get Help

Online Quit Program

Online Quit Program

Whether you are just thinking about quitting or have been smoke-free for a while, Smokers’ Helpline Online (SHO) can offer tips, tools and support. This interactive online service is free and 24/7.

Community support

Share your experiences, gain inspiration and support others in our online forums. Once you are registered, you can post to the forums or just read what others are posting. Smokers' Helpline moderators can answer your questions.

Members can also draw inspiration from our Hall of Fame and Smoke-free Anniversary Celebrations.

Self-directed quit program

Once you register, you can:

  • Receive inspirational e-mails
  • Make a public pledge to quit
  • Keep a cravings diary
  • Work through helpful exercises tied to the milestones of your quit journey
  • Track your progress with our Quit Meter
  • Private message other members with Quit Buddies messenger

And, anyone can access One Step at a Time self-help materials and can find local links to additional support with our Community Services Locator .

Help by Phone

Help by Phone

1 877 513-5333

Free and confidential one-to-one support.


Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
(Be sure to check your time zone)

Why you should call

Call a Quit Coach at Smokers' Helpline whether you are thinking about quitting, ready to quit, actively quitting, need help staying smoke-free, not ready to quit or want to help someone else quit.

What to expect

You will talk directly to a non-judgmental Quit Coach who can help you:

  • Make a personalized quit plan
  • Manage cravings, withdrawal symptoms and stress
  • Learn about quit aids
  • Find local support in your community
  • Receive optional follow up calls throughout your quitting journey

Service is available in English and French and, in Ontario, over 100 languages through an interpreter.

Call today, toll-free, 1 877 513-5333.

TXT Messaging

TXT Messaging (Temporarily unavailable*)

Receive support on the go with text messages customized to your quit date. Text key words for additional help when you need it the most.

What to expect

Tell us your past or future quit date and your preferred message schedule and we will send evidence-based, supportive messages to your mobile device. Your first message will ask you to accept our terms of service via text.

TXT Keywords

You are equipped with a keyword card so that you can tell us when you are feeling edgy or stressed and when you are having a craving, around other smokers, around alcohol, have had a slip or just need motivation.

*Due to technical issues beyond our control, Smokers’ Helpline’s text messaging service is currently unavailable. We are dedicated to ensuring this essential support continues, and investigating options to return our Text Messaging service to full operability as soon as possible.