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About Smokers' Helpline

Smokers’ Helpline is a free, confidential and non-judgmental service available to clients who want to quit tobacco use or need help staying smoke-free. Through a multi-modal approach, Smokers’ Helpline offers evidence-based phone, online and text messaging services. With proven tips and tools, Smokers’ Helpline can significantly increase one’s chances of becoming tobacco-free.
Help by PhoneBy phone at 1 877 513-5333, Tobacco Cessation Specialists (Quit Coaches) help clients with creating a personalized quit plan, coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms and finding available supports and resources using the Smokers’ Helpline Community Services Directory. All clients are offered self-help materials and proactive follow up service.

Online Quit ProgramOnline at, people can register to access their own Quit Centre, online support forums and a personalized Quit Meter that calculates the financial and health benefits of quitting. Smokers' Helpline Online allows users to access both a self-directed quit program, as well as a social and peer-to-peer aspect through anonymous forums and chat. 

TXT MessagingSmokers’ Helpline Text Messaging (ON only), accessible by texting iQUIT to 123456,
offers up to 13 weeks of evidence-based messages to support people while they are quitting. Registrants receive messages at times unique to their quit date and have the option to text back keywords for additional support.

All services are available in English and French, with interpreter service available by phone in over 100 languages. Smokers’ Helpline is operated by the Canadian Cancer Society.