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3 months update

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  1. ocean
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    29 Nov 2017
    14 Apr 2018
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    It feels like I've been on this very long journey at times, but what's six months in the grand scheme of things?  A school year just whizzes by, as do anniversaries, and birthdays.  I started weaning off cigarettes in Novemebr, I think.  I cut down from 25 to about 12 a day, then in January I started NRT to get off the remainder AND not relapse.  So it's been three months completely off tobacco, and I think it just feels long, because it takes so much commitment in good and bad times. But I think I did it the right way for me this last time.  I took it slow to build up my confidence, because that has been my number one problem all of these decades of smoking.  I had three brief slips, multiple meltdowns, amazing daily recoveries.  And I still have to work it out hourly.  But I'm glad, and getting confidant, and so happy I'll never have to do it again!  Yay me!
  2. jennifer, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    14 Apr 2018 in reply to ocean
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    Good Evening ocean,

    Awesome update! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your success and journey with all of us tonight! Who knows who you may have inspired to stick with their own quits!

    Really like how you've illustrated how you cut down, started using an NRT, and built up that confidence to stay smoke-free free slowly. Glad your confidence is building!

  3. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    15 Apr 2018
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    Hi Ocean,

    Your dedication and persistence with going smoke free has been an inspiration to me.

  4. dedi
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    29 Jan 2018
    15 Apr 2018
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    Congratulations! ocean,so proud of you because i know its not very easy, and yes a big yay! for you
  5. beth77
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    21 Feb 2018
    27 Apr 2018
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    Congratulations Ocean! By now it’s 3 1/2 months! You are an inspiration to me as I continue my own journey- 8 weeks into my quit and yes- 3 slips as well but get-up dust myself off and keep going! I’m not going to quit my quit! Have a great smoke free weekend!
  6. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    06 May 2018
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    Way to go Ocean!
    I've been off the site for awhile, but reading your post inspires me!

    yesterday I am two months smoke free, and I agree there are times when it feel long and tiring.  Some things go so fast, as you note, and the number of days that I have quit can't go fast enough some times. 
    I'd say the second month has been harder than the first for me, in terms of dealing with cravings.  I've had more of them, and been in more situations that I would count as big triggers. 
    At times, I have to work it out hourly, or minute by minute.  And I can totally relate when you talk about meltdowns and daily recoveries.  I haven't slipped, but I've had to do some things to take care of the emotional part of quitting, that's for sure! 
    I've broken free, and can't imagine going back. 
    Continuing on........
    Keep on going!

6 posts, 0 answered