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  1. patrickjy
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    02 Aug 2019
    01 Aug
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    Am I the only one that sexual cravings increase immensely? This is one reason I didn't quit before.
    my spouse never understood this at all.
    right now I am vaping, as I am trying to find a way to lessen my drive when I quit.
  2. nadia b, quit coach
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    18 Jan 2019
    02 Aug
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    Hi Patrickjy,
    One of the great benefits of quitting is gaining back more energy and stamina, so that may be a result of your quit. However, since we currently do not have enough evidence, we are unsure if vaping would address the sexual cravings that you are having. There are links between smoking and sexual activity, but would advise you speak with your Doctor. 


    Nadia B.
2 posts, 0 answered