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Day 4 cravings worse than first 3

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  1. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    08 Sep 2019
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    i have been using champix since sunday last weekend and quit smoking/vaping on day 5 of the champix. Thursday. i have been smoke free ever since. i felt so good the first 3 days and was okay. of course had cravings but were seemingly minor and was able to handle them pretty good. this morning, i woke up and continued on with the new routine i have made myself and gotten into being smoke free. after my shower thats when i was hit with the worst craving. i say the worst as this one i not only thought about smoking and felt it this one i also felt myself physically pulled into the craving effecting my whole body physically. thats why that was so much worse. it took my breath away. deep breaths didnt work on the craving so was going through all the things in my head and thought okay i was doing this went it hit me so i stopped exactly what was doing or where i was and went tnto the living room a totally different room and did something totally different and focused on that so what was doing when it hit me was history and out of my mind. i did some deeo breathing as well. after it passed i thought i was through the worst part but i didnt know that these types of cravings were gonna come and go all day long. i did a lot of delaying distracting and deep breathing. the one thing that i thought of and it works for me is i got a couple of books at the library the other day and a couple of days ago on first or second day smoke free i shut the tv of which is a major trigger for a craving and i picked up my book and i just read and read and loved reading it. even though read all day. i loved it no stress no triggers or anything because i never at any point smoked when was reading or vaped or anything so none of that has any association with smoking so is relaxing and enjoyable and i find it just makes things enjoyable and stress free seems also to leave my cravings very far behind and am able to get past them and move forward. the cravings have been horrible today but the first 3 days they seemed minimal to none. i guess never take for granted anything while quitting and to always be prepared. i do have to figure out how to get some bottled water so can keep it in the fridge so at times like these can go in the kitchen and grab a nice cold bottle of water and drink it to help as well.
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    09 Sep 2019 in reply to tiny2018
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    Yeah, those cravings can be a huge struggle to get through at times, but it looks like you are ready to deal with them by using all sorts of strategies you've learned. 

    You're onto day 5 and most of the nicotine is out of your system, and you are probably starting to breath a bit better. That is worth a lot in terms of your quit progress. 

    You're doing great. 
  3. nadia b, quit coach
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    18 Jan 2019
    09 Sep 2019 in reply to tiny2018
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    HI Tiny2018 - first I want to congratulate you for how far you have come!! You have done an amazing job at implementing strategies and techniques to help you through those tough moments. Usually day 4 or 5 is the hardest part of the quit as nicotine is leaving your system and your body is trying to adjust to the new normal. All those withdrawal symptoms are actual signs of healing, unfortunately they don't feel great at all.
    Also with Champix, it does take a while to fully work into your system, so your body is going through a lot right now. Remember to be easy on yourself and continue to use the 4Ds (Delay, Distract, Drink Water and Deep Breath). Maybe treat yourself to a nice water bottle - you deserve it after all this hard work.
    Also check out other threads and maybe create fun Quit Kits, and other Distractions forums.

    Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Nadia B.
  4. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    09 Sep 2019
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    Hi tiny2018,

    I really feel for you.  Cravings are so difficult to get through.   And you are right.  Some days are better than others, so you always have to be prepared.

    You were smart to start reading and let your book take you to another world.  Keep trying to distract yourself, and do drink lots of water.  You are making great progress, and you are strong enough to defeat this addiction.  Keep up the good work, tiny2018.  You can do this!
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