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Eleven days behind me.

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  1. justfortoday
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    12 Aug 2019
    13 Sep 2019
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    Wow. What a journey this is! After 11 days I feel like I'm living in a weird fog. The physical cravings are manageable with the patch and I'm glad I went for this support. It allows me to focus on, and deal with the mental/emotional addiction.

    I've received some great advice here, and use a lot of it during my "transition" from smoker to non smoker. It really does work.

    When the overpowering urge to smoke consumes me, I find self talk to be really helpful. Yesterday, I just wanted to smoke! I told myself, yes, I could smoke, but if I do I'm disrespecting the 11 hard and crazy days behind me. And for me, right now, respecting the WORK I'm putting into this quit is far more important than smoking.

    Early days, my friends, but today is another day I was a non smoker ... that's happy.

  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    14 Sep 2019
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    Hi justfortoday,

    That feeling that something is off, you're not yourself, not thinking clearly, well, in the past members on our site used to call it zombie month.  Not exactly a scientific term but for some it resonates!

    It is insightful of you recognizing it as a transition. Definitely! (In addition, for many it is not a whole month but a shorter period, so most important to focus on the fact that it will and does pass)

    Congratulations on using your skills and mindset getting 11 days of freedom.


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