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  1. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    21 Jul 2019
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    I am nowhere near sleeping or even settling down. I want to rip my patch off as when vapid sleeping was so relaxing. I have been up and down so many times any noise brings it right to my attention. I am so stressed now in the fight that the craving is really bad and that urge is more. Finally I realized the gum will help with the craving and now my craving is less and that urge is gone. Does anyone have any ideas on how or things that I could try to help relax at night so can settle easier and so maybe any ideas can figure a new bedtime routine? My cravings are so bad the minute I wake up I know from experience if take the patch off I won't make it quick enough to get my new patch on.
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    22 Jul 2019 in reply to tiny2018
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    Quitting smoking is hard work and all the quit smoking aids/NRT's will only do so much to help you. The real power in quitting is your desire and willpower to quit. You need to want to quit. So here you are, after a lot of planning and effort you are working on your quit. That is all you. Now you just need to realize that you can take control of the addiction and say no more. The patch/gums will then be the aid they meant to be. 

    A lot of people say the patch causes some sleep issues. I know from my quit that the first 2 weeks i was tired a lot, but also had a lot of restless sleeps and trouble getting to bed. That's your body fight off the withdrawal and working to repair itself. A nice warm bath, a cup of tea and a good book helped me settle in the first week or two of my quit. Keep a glass of water by your bedside. Some air fresheners help, such as those plug in ones. Lavender scent is good. 

  3. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    23 Jul 2019
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    Hi Tiny2018, I used the patch for 10 weeks as I was determined to be successful on quitting this time around. But as I was not sleeping very well, the helpline suggested I take it off overnight. That worked but I was concerned about cravings upon waking. so I set my alarm for an hour earlier, put a new patch on, and then just stayed in bed for that hour to give the patch a chance to work. I slept better and the mornings were ok. Every time a problem arose, I decided there would be a way to work around or through it. Some things I tried worked and some didn't, but the thing was not to give up but to just keep trying until I got through it. After awhile I started thinking of these cravings as a huge challenge to have to figure out how to survive through them. I also talked to myself sometimes out loud, and said ok "Bring it on" or "Is that all you got?" Humour does help at times, and the support from this helpline and the people that post really made all the difference to my quit. And remember you are not alone, we are all here to help each other. -m
  4. jenna c, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2018
    23 Jul 2019
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    Hi Tiny2018,

    Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties at night. Again, the first two weeks are the most challenging and risk for withdrawal symptoms are higher but if you are unable to wear the patch at night having the gum or any short-acting nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can be helpful (inhaler, lozenge, spray). I like what mari_m has suggested about having a morning plan for when the cravings are noticeable and to have the patch ready to be worn or having the other NRT's available.

    Other ideas to help you relax at night;
    -meditation apps
    -warm bath before going to sleep
    -progressive muscle relaxation exercises
    -deep breathing exercises
    -mindfulness exercises

    If you need further explanation or suggestions, please call Smokers' Helpline- 1-877-513-5333.

    Good Luck and I hope it gets easier soon.

    Jenna C

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