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They say a craving lasts jus a few minutes....

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  1. dahlia
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    04 Sep 2018
    09 Sep 2018
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    ...and few minutes it is when you get sucked in and you trip yet once again. My cravings in my previous quit seven years ago took over my life, my sanity and my soul. I honestly thought I would never quit after trying for so long. Eventually I did and I am grateful for all the support here, the fellow quitters who were always available and the moderators who offered a shoulder to lean on any time I needed it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!. Recently I had a "very bad hiccup", I welcomed The Monster once again and introduced the beast back into my life. I threw him out five days ago after seven weeks of fake enjoyment and the dancing with the Devil.

    I would like to share what helped me to manage the cravings:

    - snacking on baby carrots and other goodies
    - getting to SHO as soon as I could and post whatever bugged me at the moment
    - writing little notes about how awful smoking is and keeping them with me at all times (that 
      one included a note on my bathroom mirror!)
    - daily affirmations I was saying out loud each and every morning upon waking up
    - being grateful for my decision to quit
    - I chose whom to spend my free time with, sorry family and friends who smoked then
    - checking daily my quit meter - I was speechless how many I haven't smoked and how
      much money I saved (then a pack was about 5 or 7 dollars)
    - going quietly to a room in my house where nobody would bother me and reading
      about addictions and how they kill you, your life, your family, your dreams and your health
    - I also imagined that I would get very sick, get cancer, loose my hair, my eyelashes,
      my brows and how awful I would look and feel - this one is scary however I was very desperate,  
      and really really wanted to quit!
    - I told myself that quitting is not hard at all! Fighting cancer would be!
      (this one was taken form an add on TV)

    Today I am adding few more things that I learned in the mean time. I meditate, I do yoga and I apply Reiki to myself. I also send distant healing to all that need it ( we all do) and it is a very gratifying experience.... and that includes all the people here that are trying to get free from this awful addiction. I still pray although I am not a religious person, I figure that there must be a God or some higher power, a creator, a divine love. Somehow this planet, the universe, the oceans, forests and I and you - we were all created, right?

    Today is my day number five, and I say thank you again!

    Wishing all other fellows here the best of luck! You can do it!!!
  2. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    10 Sep 2018
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    Hi dahlia,

    Congrats on being 5 days smoke free!

    Thank-you for sharing this list and what has worked for you when quitting. There are certainly some helpful strategies here.

    Have a great smoke free day,
  3. shazzan
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    06 Nov 2018
    10 Nov 2018 in reply to dahlia
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    Hi Dahlia

    Congrats on your successful quit. I know that this time around you are well equipped to fight the devil with all the tools you have learned to use.  When he comes a sneaking next time you will be ready, kick him down and laugh in his face . I think i might keep a chocolate bar in my glove compartment and one in my dresser drawer just to have on hand should he raise his ugly head    .( Of course no one should turn to chocolate for EVERY craving but chocolate CAN have its place if used properly)  Carrying my reasons to quit would be a great idea as well. Today i know the reasons why i chose to quit so have not written them down but i may be panicked later on when not totally prepared to dance with the devil.  With the chocolate i should also write "Do you chose sweet freedom or venomous poison" .  I once got some weed killer on my hand, and hence transferred to my cigarette. Yuck, spit , spit spit..... so now once a day ( when I'm not having a  craving) , i  swish smoke  in my mouth without inhaling , just to remember how it tastes...... it tastes just like that weed killer. Poison, Venom,  Ginger , turmeric and onions are great antioxidants, and help remove toxins and help with cravings.   Good diet and drinking lots of water are essential as well. Eating pineapple and especially the core which provides the most bromelin will assist in helping to clear the lungs now that you are not smoking.  So again congratulations for your determination and persistence Dahlia. Best of luck to you and all the others dreaming of better days.
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