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when do the cravings let up

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  1. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    10 Sep 2019
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    yesterday i slept all day and wasnt until 5:30 in the evening i got up for good. this morning i was just watching tv and doing stuff in the kitchen and i got this incredible craving which felt different than day 4 so i think was just coming from my head as i just wanted a cigarette and go outside and smoke it and come back in then out and in and repeat. it seemed the way i thought of it in my head smoking vaping and it felt like was good but it isnt. i tried a few things turning around and doing something totally different watching tv doing things with my kitten but it wouldnt give up. finally i told myself that okay i will go get some cigarettes i just have to wait till it stops raining as use a power chair and rain isnt good and i didnt expect it the craving just disappeared and i started puttering around doing different things and smoking vaping was no where in my mind. i picked up some finger food bananas and green grapes thinking that may help but getting cigarettes no where in my mind and am still smoke free.
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    10 Sep 2019 in reply to tiny2018
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    Hey Tiny2018,

    Have to admit I am tickled pink reading how well you are adapting to your quit and I am rooting for you big time. 

    Yeah, there are two types of cravings - the physical and the mental. 

    I had so many conversations with the smoking addict in my head all about just going out for a smoke. The addict always made things sound so reasonable. Best thing i did to beat it was to talk out loud to myself about keeping my quit. 

    Truth be told, 8 months later I still get the odd day where I'll just think about having a smoke. Not a craving though. Just a feeling like I could have one smoke because that would be like the best thing in the world. Then I shake myself back to reality and assert why having a smoke would be a bad idea. 

    So you re not alone. We all have those moments. The big difference is we see it for what it is and move along. 

    Those moments get fewer and fewer as the weeks and months go by. 
  3. kate r, quit coach
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    16 Jan 2019
    11 Sep 2019
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    Hi tiny2018,

    As atp shared, there are often two kinds of cravings: physical and mental. It seems as though you may be beyond the physical cravings (nicotine is typically processed by the body within 72 hours) and left with mental urges.

    I'm glad your craving dissipated before you bought more cigarettes. Cravings can be uncomfortable, but this experiences shows you can get through them, and they do pass!

    Also, it's okay to be gentle with yourself! Quitting smoking isn't easy and your body is going through a lot. It is normal you slept for much of a day.

    Congratulations on staying smoke-free! We're rooting for you! You got this.

    Kate R
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