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3 Months

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  1. freedomchild
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    18 Jan 2022
    27 Jan 2022
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    Besides waking up to noisy neighbors, I think I'm doing pretty good. Today marks my 3 months quit. I rewarded myself with a new laptop yesterday. I helped keep me motivated to get myself something nice.  I still get the urge to smoke now and then but it made sense that its all in my head, I try and say i can do this and its not that bad, I don't need one. I keep saying NOPE everyday day, i changed my morning routine and am started to do some stretching. i take walks everyday,  I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking herbal tea. I am on the lozenges and giving myself some extra time on them. I am just not ready to give them up just yet, i think a few more weeks at least. This site has helped me a lot. Thanks you everyone, I tried to quit at least a million time before and nothing seemed to work. I guess i just wasn't ready. But this time is different there is no going back now. I can do this. Thanks again everyone.
  2. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    27 Jan 2022 in reply to freedomchild
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    Well done freedomchild. 3 months is fantastic and you are right to buy yourself that new laptop to celebrate. A reward for your efforts. I'm 10 days or so away from 2 months - can't wait to get there. They say the terrible threes are the testing times... 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months so you're over that hurdle now and onto pastures green ahead. You must be so proud of yourself. This is my 5th serious quit attempt. I tried many other times but never made it past a few days. I read an old thread on here yesterday where it was being said that its mind over matter... you really have to want to quit and to want it for yourself not for other people or to save money or whatever.. but to actually want it deep down inside. We are sure to be tempted now and again because we smoked for so long but Im finding those temptations aren't striking as viciously anymore.. that when they do I just have to talk to myself and remind myself why Im doing this. It sure isnt easy but as the days pass by we do get stronger. The weakness will always be there but its up to us to get through it. 

    Well done again... 3 months is awesome. 
2 posts, 0 answered