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3 Months into My Journey as a Non-Smoker.

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  1. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    01 Apr 2019
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    Today, April 01, marks 3 months that I have not had a cigarette.  (90 days, 1980 cigarettes not smoked). 

    I recall my last cigarette on New Years Eve, standing on my porch alone wanting to savour those last few drags, thinking I will miss smoking. I was determined to quit, scared of what lay ahead and not entirely convinced that this time would be any different than past attempts. The first few days of my quit were hard, the first few weeks were difficult, but then i started to really feel good about my quit and feeling the benefits of not smoking. It is a process and a transformation in thinking, routines, habits and attitude.

    Today, I cringe thinking about that last cigarette and how addicted I was to smoking. Yes, I still have the odd moments where I wistfully think about smoking, but push those thoughts aside in favour of my new found freedom. My quit is way too valuable to me now. I also realize that being a smoking addict I'm only ever one smoke away from being back to pack a day. Not One Puff Ever. 

    Thanks to so many of the people on this site who helped me in my journey. A few words of encouragement or reading an earlier post made such a difference in helping me get to this point. 

    To all those starting on their journey - stick with it. Becoming a non-smoker is hard work, but oh so rewarding. 

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  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    01 Apr 2019
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  3. Morning Alp

  4. Congrats in 3 Smoke  free Months! you did it! Enjoy every minute with out it!

  5. kittie_v
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    25 Mar 2019
    01 Apr 2019
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    90 days is a great accomplishment.   Congrats and Keep The Quit!
  6. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    01 Apr 2019
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    Awesome work atp.  I am truly happy for you.

    You've got this figured out.  It's a mindset that we are stronger than our addiction.

    I took my brother to the Jays opener the other day.  On our way into the dome as we were passing by countless smokers getting their last hit before entering the smoke-free dome, I thought to myself that I would likely puke if I had a cigarette.  Not to be overly confident, But I will never go back to smoking.

    3 months is a big milestone, atp.  Many, including myself, claim the 3-month mark to be a major turning point in our journey.  The cravings are greatly reduced and farther apart.  Life as a non-smoker becomes the norm.

    You've been so committed that success was inevitable for you.  Now if we could just get the Jays to have a little more success.

  7. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    01 Apr 2019 in reply to atp
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    So Happy for you in reaching another milestone, with being 3 months smoke free! You are being an awesome role model for your Son! Keep up the good work! 
  8. merline, quit coach
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    12 Sep 2018
    01 Apr 2019 in reply to atp
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    Good Evening,

    Congratulations atp well done!

    It's so good to hear you say “ My quit is way too valuable to me now” so use that determination to remain smoke-free forever that's the goal now.
    You can do it atp!
    Don't let anything stop you to continue to remain smoke-free after 3 months of quitting!

    Of course, if you have any questions, you can call a Smokers’ Helpline Quit Coach at 1-877-513-5333 (toll-free).


  9. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    01 Apr 2019
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    Hi atp,

    Three whole months smoke free - Yippee!  Congratulations to you for getting it done!  This is a huge milestone and you should be really proud of yourself!  You have now joined the majority, being non-smokers.  You should do something to celebrate this important stage in your journey.

  10. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    01 Apr 2019
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    atp, good for you on your 3 month mark. That is really awesome, and I am so happy for you. I so can relate to what you said about only being one smoke away from being a full blown smoker again, so Not One Puff Ever has been said a Lot of times, usually out loud, to myself! I too have wistful thoughts of having just one cig, but have to work through it by distractions, as I do not want to go through that first week of Hell again! But those rough times are fewer each week, and I am enjoying the freedom of not having the constant nagging of the addiction. Someone mentioned that there are good days, and then there are the other, not so good days, but now there are more of the good days, Yeah!! Hope you do something nice for yourself, as you deserve it  - m
  11. chesk
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    28 Jan 2019
    02 Apr 2019
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    ATP! Congratulations a huge accomplishment! It feels good to be free! You are an inspiration- I am one month behind you. 

    Think of the $ and think of the freedom! Keep posting - I really like hearing your progress.

  12. jenna c, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2018
    02 Apr 2019 in reply to chesk
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    Congrats chesk for making 1 month quit! Like you, atp and other who have quit it's good to acknowledge the benefits of quitting.  "It feels good to free", "My cough has gotten better", "I am breathing better", "My sleep has improved", "I can walk longer without getting our of breath"....

    The benefits are so worth the challenges and difficulties we face when giving it up!

    Like mari-m said there are good days and not do good days but that's part of the journey of overcoming the attachment. Stay focused and determined!!

    All the best,

    jenna c, quit coach
  13. lucky
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    13 Feb 2019
    02 Apr 2019 in reply to atp
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    Hi atp,

    Congratulations on your 3 month of being smoke free!
    It is amazing what you can do, if you are determined, focusing on the benefits and thinking positive.
    I will be celebrating my 2 month tomorrow, April 3, I have the odd graving, but it is weaker now.
    It is so liberating being able to breath when climbing stairs and not constantly coughing.
    I too enjoy reading the post on this site, keeps me on track!

    Keep up the great work,  


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