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3rd time the charm???

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  1. phoenix
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    31 Jan 2021
    26 May 2021
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    After being smoke-free for 2 and a half months, I found myself in stupid-mode and for some dumb reason, started smoking again. I'm not happy with myself but I'm not giving up on myself, either cuz I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!! I've come to the conclusion that it was the patch that was keeping me from lighting up as this is now the 2nd time that I went back to smoking cuz I stopped using the patch. The first time was cuz I ran out and couldn't afford to get more until a guardian angel came to my rescue. This 2nd time I thought I didn't need them anymore so after going through Step 1 of the patch program, I bypassed Steps 2 and 3. BAD MISTAKE!! Tomorrow I'm going back on the patches and doing things right cuz I really enjoyed being a non-smoker!!! 
  2. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    28 May 2021 in reply to phoenix
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    Hi phoenix,

    Please don't be so hard on yourself.  All of us have slipped.  It just seems to be part of the quitting process.  The important thing is that you have not given up, and you are learning from your momentary lapse.  Now you are more sure than ever that you have to follow the rules when it comes to the patch.  You have a plan, and if you stick to it, you will be successful.

    When you are tempted, remember N.O.P.E. (Not One Puff Ever).  If you never take another puff, you will be a non-smoke forever.

    Good luck on this next part of your journey.  You are brave enough and strong enough to do this, phoenix.  Believe in yourself.
  3. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    29 May 2021
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    Hi Phoenix,

    I agree with what treepeo1 said don’t be so hard on yourself, quitting this awful addiction is super hard & slips are very common! I have had three relapses myself. I’m working my fourth quit & didn’t get back on track as quickly as you, so hats off to you in being so motivated to get back at it! You got this Phoenix!
  4. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    02 Mar 2022
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    Defintely go the full course with the patches as they state on the box. 6-8 weeks on the Step1, 2 weeks on Step 2 and 2 weeks on Step3. I used the mist as well as the patch this time round and it all worked really well. Finished the patches just over a week ago and its been fine ever since. Few minor urges from time to time but nothing I cant battle through.

    A friend of mine was on the patches for a week or two and then thought she was fine and gave away boxes of em she had stored up cos she thought she was clear of the addiction. Didn't take long before she was back smoking again. You have to stick with it and move to step 2 and step 3. Otherwise they wont work and the urges are unbearable.

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