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8 Months And Feeling Great

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  1. delta9
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    23 Dec 2020
    23 Dec 2020
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    Hello Everyone.

    I hope this post finds you well.

    I will give you guys a brief rundown of myself and how I quit smoking and how I feel about it now after almost 8 months cigarette free.

    I am 50 year old male. I am overweight by about 50 pounds today. When I quit smoking 8 months ago I was 30 pounds overweight.
    I have been smoking at least a pack since I was 15 years old. So I was a full time smoker for 35 years. 
    The last 15 years I was smoking 30-40 cigarettes in a 24 hour period. 
    I am not the one to work out or keep fit. I was always overweight.
    I would get out of breath from walking up the stairs. I would get out of breath walking quickly.
    Any physical activity would make me out of breath quickly. So I would do the least amout of physical activity as possible.

    Well it all caught up with me last May 2020. I was sitting outside the front of my house and I wasn't feeling well.
    My son said I lost all color in my face and I started sweating from every inch of my body, way more than I sweated on the hottest summer day. My clothes were soaked with sweat within 2 minutes. I had a crazy back pain between my shoulder blades but no chest pain. I had shortness of breath just sitting on my front steps to my house.
    I asked my son to tell my wife I am having a heart attack. There was no mistake what this was.
    I got myself up and manged to chew 2.5 aspirins and then sat in my garage and lit up a cigarette!! I smoked the cigarette while in full cardiac arrest and waiting for my wife to get ready to drive me to the hospital. I didn't want to go by ambulance which ended up to be a big mistake. I should have gone by ambulance thinking back...

    My wife dropped me off at the emergency dept as she was not allowed in because of Covid. 
    I told the triage I think I am having a heart attack and believe it or not, they told me to take a number and wait my turn.
    I was 3 people away from seeing triage and I felt my symptoms getting worse. Once I was in to see the doctor, he confirmed I am having a heart attack and told me the hospital I am at does not treat cardiac patients and they sent me to a different hosptial 30km away that specializes in cardic surgery, which I needed. (Should have called an ambulance to my house).
    Once I arrived at the 2nd hospital there were 6 people waiting for me in a dark operating room. They performed a 90 min procedure that should have taken only 20 minutes because one of my arteries was 100% blocked and another was 70% blocked. The 100% blocked artery was not repairable and the 70% clogged artery was repaired and cleaned out. I spent 3 days in the hospital.

    After leaving the hosptial, I did not pick up another cigarette in almost 8 months and I have no urges. I still use the Nicorette white stick(inhaler), but I do not use any of the nicotine cartridges. They are empty. I just use them in the car so I can hold something between my fingers while I drive. Not all the time. Sometimes I forget to bring it. But I was more addicted to holding the damn bastards and the motion to my mouth. I wasnt even addicted to the nicotine as I did not suffer withdrawl at all. Maybe scared straight? No idea but I knew my addiction was the holding and caressing the cig and flicking it and the motion of bringing it to my mouth, to the sound of the sizzling of the smoldering tabacco. 

    So the real reason I am writing my story is that for the last 8 months I have been a bit depressed and ill motivated and gaining weight by the day. Anytime I thought of getting on my treadmill, I remembered how I use to feel with my heart beating out of my chest and getting out of breath so easy and not feeling well as I am exercising. These thoughts made me think I cant strain myself walking without feeling like someone is choking me.

    I weighed myself last week and I am the heaviest I have been.

    I decided to hop on the treadmill and see if I could walk a bit.

    I walked for about 40 minutes at a speed of 3 mph and it was a damn miracle!!! My beathing improved so much. 
    Also whatever the doctor did, I'm sure had a role in how I feel. I am amazed how great I feel walking and listening to some music. I feel so motivated to lose weight and turn my life around regarding my health. I am so up to this challenge.
    I will challenge myself to live better. 

    I have been at this challenge only a week now. I will post an update in 30 days if anyone is interested.

    Breathing does get better in just 8 months.

    My best friend has lung cancer and that did not make me quit cigarettes. I probably smoked more knowing he is suffering. I quit from having my own health emergency.


    I see lots of hope after 8 months.....Come join me...You'll be happy you did.....That I can promise!!
  2. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    23 Dec 2020
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    Hi delta9,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.  I really appreciate your honesty and your telling it like it is.

    Oh man, the fact that you lit up while waiting to go to the hospital speaks volumes.  There was a time that I probably would have done the same thing.  I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years.  She told me that she got throat cancer, and she still smoked throughout chemo and every other treatment, even though it burned and hurt.  Don't kid yourself, delta9.  The ritual of lighting up and having something in your hands may have been really significant in terms of your personal addiction, but there is always that physical addiction to nicotine and the other crap that is in cigarettes that keeps us coming back for more, even though we know it's killing us.  That is the nature of this horrific addiction.

    I can relate to you wanting to lose weight.  When I quit almost 4 years ago, I definitely gained weight.  And then I got cancer myself, and for various reasons related to that, I could not be as active as I wanted to be, and hence, gained even more weight.  Like you, I was never even close to being athletic.  My only exercise is walking (I don't drive), and stuff I do for physiotherapy and the like.  But you know what?  The more you walk, the more you want to walk.  I find if I go even one day without a walk outside, I start to get sluggish.  It's really true what they say, use it or lose it.  So keep persevering.  And try not to focus on losing weight.  Focus on developing good healthy practices and maintaining some form of movement each day.

    I also agree with you when you advise people not to wait for a medical emergency to quit.  In your case, you ended up seriously ill in hospital and therefore, could not smoke, period.  And in my case, I quit about 2 years before I was diagnosed with cancer.  But one of my sisters got cancer and like my friend, smoked through all her treatments, etc.  She was simply unable to quit, especially when she was so stressed trying to beat the disease.  It is much, much better to quit while you can do so of your own free will.  At least you know that if you develop any health issues, you will be way better equipped to deal with it as a non-smoker.

    You should be really proud of yourself, delta9.  You have been through the hell of a massive heart attack, and you battled through that and came out victorious.  You quit smoking, which is another huge accomplishment.  And you fought the fear you felt and decided to try walking again.  That is HUGE, delta9.  You are really courageous, and way stronger than you thought you were.  And on top of all of that, you have come on this site to share your story and help others.  So you are compassionate as well.

    Kudos to you, delta9.  I am really happy for you and everything you have accomplished.  Rejoice in being a non-smoker.  It has given you a new lease on life, and you are making the most of it.  You rock, and I am rooting for you.  Keep up the good work.  I see good things in your future.
  3. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    24 Dec 2020
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    Hi Delta9 & treepeo1,

    Wow the both of you have been through so much with your quit journeys and yet have managed to stay smoke free, truly amazing! Thank you both for sharing your stories, appreciate your wisdom.
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