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Could be 'smokers flu' but i will not leave the non-smokers club :)

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  1. am66
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    20 Feb 2018
    19 Feb 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I quit smoking July 23, 2017 and have experienced many physical and mental hurdles.  It wasn't until i starting keeping a journal that I noticed i had many changes going on.  It started with difficulty sleeping and being short tempered.  I read this was common.   I was unable to keep using the patch after a few days as my dreams became very vivid and almost scary.  My mood swings were terrible and i was very tired and unmotivated all of the time.  Aches, pains, sore hands, feet and unexplained swelling around the eyes and I gained 25 pounds.

    I was not prepared for the social changes i had to make to succeed - i could no longer hang out with friends that smoke - i had smoked since i was a teenager and now 51 years old - smoking had become entwined in all aspects of my life.  When i needed a break or was in a stressful situation i would excuse myself and go have a smoke break. When i didn't want to deal i would leave to have a smoke.  I hadn't realized that i didn't really deal with stress - i just excused myself and smoked. Two of my best friends smoked so I had to distance myself from them.  Life was very lonely.  

    Things are still tough - but they are getting a bit better.  I have lost 5 pounds - I now socialize with my smoking friends by going to yoga (no smoking permitted during downward dog lol).  The mental strain and physical things are still there but not as bad.  I did learn something very interesting that has really helped me - "Each cigarette is setting you up for your next craving - it is not helping you relax or relieving your craving." 

    There is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone who is still struggling - take it from me.  Sorry for the long post - some days are a bit tougher than others :)

    Have a happy non-smoking day!
  2. paul, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    20 Feb 2018 in reply to am66
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    Good morning everyone, and a special hello to you am66. Welcome to our site.

    What a great first post. You talk about some very important issues and strategies to remedy them. Well done, and congratulations on being smoke free since July!

    You've worked very hard to get here, made some tough decisions in regards to your personal life, and you have found a way to make it.

    We hope that things continue to get better for you and look forward to seeing you here in our community forums.

    One day at a time everyone.
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  3. chartippybum
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    21 Mar 2018
    21 Mar 2018 in reply to am66
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    That is so great keep up the good work. I had a hard time with the mood swings and stress and had a slip. I got to get back on the wagon
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