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Has it really been over 8yrs? :O

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  1. buttingout2014
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    29 Nov 2017
    28 Sep 2022
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    Hello everyone!!!
    I've spent the better part of the past hour reading all of the wonderful and supportive recent posts from everyone, and I was SO happy to see that this forum is still alive!
    As I'm in the midst of the 9th QUIT year, I just stumbled across an old shortcut to the site again while relaxing on a day-off...
    Although I'd definitely agree that it's unfortunate we lost much of the functionality of the original forum, the importance of overwhelming community SUPPORT has continued to flourish!!
    A quick shout-out to all of the newbies: Without this forum, I highly doubt that I woud've been able to stick with my QUIT.  There were many, many times where I was ready to pack it in, and go buy some smokes - but logging into this forum and sharing my frustrations and desparation with other members (and support team) re-inforced the value and importance of the journey and helped to set me back on track once again!

    The system has obviously slowed-down considerably over the years, and most posts even require 2-3 clicks just to open...Hopefully, there will be some room in the government-funded budget to migrate the whole system over to a proper platform sometime in the near future.

    I don't have time to comment on the many terrific posts I've read today, but I intend to make the time to log back in sometime over the next several days to check-in again.

    It's terrific to see many of the awesome supportive names like Mariannce, Sarah, Lillian, Emily are still here supporting others in their journey, and I've noticed that Kyle is still hanging in there trying to combat the many bugs that seem to remain in the new system!


    Your friend,
    Days Smoke-Free: 3,166
    Cigarettes Not Smoked: 79,150
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  2. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    28 Sep 2022 in reply to buttingout2014
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    Those are some AWESOME statistics, buttingout2014! Congratulations!!! You must feel like a million bucks. 

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for the inspiration you give to others, especially the newbies. 

    And I hadn't realized it's been so many years ... where does the time go? it's so nice that you popped in to say hello again and keep us posted on your success. 

    Best regards from me and the rest of the coaches,


  3. jb63
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    28 Feb 2022
    29 Sep 2022
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    Congrats on almost 9 years that is amazing. Your quote. if I have just one is probably that best quote I have read since quitting. I will be referring to it often. 
  4. jeyan
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    28 Nov 2017
    07 Oct 2022
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    great to hear from you Jim. We both started the journey around the same time, and I was successful after two slips in 2016. :) Thank you for all the tips and support to us! yes the key was this site which helped us reinforce in our mind of why we came to this site wishing and wanting to be where we are today!
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