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My Anniversary

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  1. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    29 Dec 2022
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    Well, it's my 6 year anniversary as a non-smoker.  Yippee!

    When I grew up, everyone smoked.  It was the thing to do.  Now, not so much.  In fact, it truly is frowned upon if you light up.  The world has changed, and in this way, for the better.

    In the last 6 years, I would have smoked about 55,000 cigarettes.  Isn't that astonishing?  When you smoke, you really don't think about it, but they all add up.  Yuck, how gross!  What we did to our bodies.

    For those of you trying to quit, hang in there.  And for those of you who have quit, stay the course.  it is worth all the effort.  Life is so much better when you don't smoke.  And the extra money is nice, too!
  2. tinalee
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    24 Jan 2022
    29 Dec 2022
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    Happy anniversary that's amazing to make it so long. You should be so proud of yourself. Well done!
  3. jb63
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    28 Feb 2022
    29 Dec 2022
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    Congratulations and Happy anniversary Treepeo 1
    6years is an amazing accomplishment.  You should be very proud and you deserve a big reward.
    It is great you are still posting on this site and always encouraging others. I feel all the encouragement I have received off this site has helped me so much on my quitting journey 
    Happy new Year 🥳 
  4. freedomchild
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    18 Jan 2022
    30 Dec 2022
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    Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary. Your awesome. 
  5. Fisher Guy
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    57 posts
    01 Dec 2021
    30 Dec 2022
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    Congratulations treepeo1 on 6 years smoke free. Way to go. just passed my 13th month and 10,000 cigarettes not smoked.   Feel a lot better for it. Keep writing , love to read good news.
  6. wimporswim
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    29 Nov 2017
    31 Dec 2022 in reply to treepeo1
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    Congratulations quit buddy!!!!  Give me 3 more days and I will join you in the 6 year club.  We did it!
  7. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    01 Jan
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    Congratulations Treepeo1!

    You have provided so much support and inspiration over the years to so many and continue to do so. Thank you for that, from all of us!

    It can be done, it does get easier and it is worth it! You are a testament to that!
    Happy 2023!
  8. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    02 Jan
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    Hi Treepeo and a big Congrats on your 6 year milestone! All these posts from everyone on their journey to Freedom from smoking  have kept me from "having just one smoke". Quitting smoking has literally been the best thing  ( and likely the hardest! ), I have ever done for myself, which in turn has hopefully helped others. Its a win win!!  Thank you - m m  
  9. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    07 Jan
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    Hi Treepeo,

    A HUGE congratulations to you.  6 years is so inspiring. 

    Your kind words of encouragement helped me so much during those agonizing first days.  And you were right, those hours did turn into days, and into weeks and months, and even years!

    Stay proud.

9 posts, 0 answered