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  1. freedomchild
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    18 Jan 2022
    20 Jan 2022
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    I still get those darn urges now and then.. I guess it will be another couple of weeks on the lozenges. I'm just not ready to give them up yet. I had a hard time cutting back on them.  I'm  85 days into my quit.  Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be ready. Nope nope nope. Not one puff ever. Ill say it with pride. 
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  2. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    20 Jan 2022 in reply to freedomchild
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    85 days is amazing. Well done. I'm at 45 today and so happy I've made it this far. Keep using the lozenges as long as you need them. I'm like that with the mist spray. I thought I was ready to not need it but low and behold, I needed another one to help squash the urges when they strike. It's been mentioned on here that we may well be dealing with cravings/urges for a long time yet but the trick is to keep the tools we have to help us get through them and of course NOPE. Sometimes I feel like saying 'ah the one smoke will do no harm' but WRONG! The one puff will fast lead to a pack a day again. 

    I guess we need to focus on all the good that no smoking has brought to our lives. I was like a prisoner with a ball and chain when I smoked. And broke every month to add to it. Why people do that to themselves is beyond me. 

    Keep up the great work and post in here letting us know how you are getting on. I find it really helps.
  3. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    24 Jan 2022 in reply to freedomchild
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    Hi freedomchild,

    You are doing great!  Go ahead and use the lozenges if you need to.  That is far better than smoking, so who cares?  Eventually you will wean yourself off, but all in good time.  The main thing is you have stayed smoke free.  Way to go!  I'm sure your lungs are doing the happy dance!
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