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  1. buttingout2014
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    29 Nov 2017
    29 Nov 2017
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    Within 20 minutes:
    Your blood pressure dropped, your pulse returned to normal.

    After 8 hours:
    The carbon monoxide level in your blood dropped.

    After 24 hours:
    Your chance of having a heart attack decreased.

    After 48 hours:
    Your ability to smell and taste improved.

    After 72 hours:
    Lung capacity increased. Breathing may become easier.

    After 1 week:
    You've made it through HELL WEEK:
    Celebrate!!!  :)

    After 2 weeks:
    You've made it through HECK WEEK:
    Celebrate!!! :)

    After 3 weeks:
    You've made it through HOPE WEEK:
    Celebrate!!! :)

    After 30 days:
    You've made it through ZOMBIE MONTH:
    Celebrate!!! :)

    After 50 days:
    You start your ascent up "Smoke-Free Mountain"

    At 100 days:
    You've made it to the top of "Smoke-Free Mountain"
    Celebrate!!! :)

    NOW: It's your turn to help the next person in line that's just starting DAY 1.

    Your QUIT buddy, Jim.

  2. franny
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    29 Nov 2017
    05 Dec 2017
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    Hi buttingout2014, thanks for this.  It motivates me.  I am starting day 3 today.  Yesterday, I didn't have 1 craving at all.  I felt great.  I am hoping to keep busy today and have a nice day.  Have a great smoke free day!
  3. buttingout2014
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    29 Nov 2017
    05 Dec 2017 in reply to franny
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    Hey Franny;
    I'm glad that the list of stages has helped you...It was definitely a motivator for me, and helped to establish some of the initial "milestones" that I wanted to set as GOALS to reach.

    If you study the list, you've ALREADY accomplished several things this early on in your 3 days of being smoke-free:
    1. Your blood pressure / pulse has improved
    2. Your carbon monoxide level has improved
    3. You've reduced the chances of a heart attack
    4. Your ability to smell and taste has improved
    5. Your lung capacity has increased / hopefully improving your breathing

    Look at that - All those things accomplished after only 3 days!!!
    Imagine how awesome you'll be doing after a week!!

    "If I have just ONE, I'll be right back where I started...Desperately wishing I was where I am today."


    - Your QUIT buddy, Jim.

    My Mileage:

    My Quit Date: 1/27/2014
    Smoke-Free Days: 1409 
    Cigarettes Not Smoked: 35,225 
    Amount Saved: $15,499.00

  4. nadia, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    05 Dec 2017
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    Hello buttingout2014,

    This week by week is a great motivator.
    Great to see you encouraging others, I am sure it's going to help a lot of people.
    Franny, glad you are doing well and finding this helpful. 

    Keep up the good work

  5. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    08 Jul
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  6. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    08 Jul in reply to efram, quit coach
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    You know, I spent a lot of time the first few weeks of my quit focusing on those stages of quitting. It really helped to motivate me. 

    It is really hard to explain to a smoker who's getting ready to quit that moment you walk up a flight of stairs and are not breathing heavy and that light bulb goes on in your head to say - that is what smoking was stealing from me. 

  7. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    08 Jul in reply to atp
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    Thanks for your insight, atp. Recognizing the immediate health improvements that start on day one of quitting can help to keep one strong and motivated. I like that light bulb analogy; when you recognize just how much smoking was "stealing," you're that much more determined to keep cigarettes away for good. 

    And I also like how buttingout2014 says "Celebrate!!! :)" 
  8. deelove
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    03 Aug 2019
    08 Aug
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    I am on day 8 of my quit I made it threw the first week I know know why they call it hell week. The anxiety has been hell for the last 3 days I had to take true calm for it it was so bad. Today is not so bad and I can find things to do to curb the anxiety. I can also breath better and I don't have a bad cough from smoking. I also have more energy and can do things easier then before.
  9. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    08 Aug in reply to deelove
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    Hi deelove,

    Congratulations on being smoke free for 8 days!  You made it through Hell Week, which is a huge accomplishment!  Hopefully, it will start to get a bit easier for you now.  At the very least, you are starting to reap the benefits of not smoking - breathing easier, having more energy, etc.  Try to focus on all the good things.  Quitting is so worth the effort!
  10. steven, quit coach
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    12 Sep 2018
    08 Aug in reply to deelove
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    Congratulations on making it to day 8 of your quit!

    Having some anxiety, especially after the first few days of a quit ("Hell Week") is quite common, glad to hear you are making it through and it is starting to improve! It is also great to hear about the benefits you are noticing after just over a week of being quit-those benefits will keep coming the longer you remain smoke-free, and the anxiety/other withdrawals will also improve with time.

    Keep up the great work!

    -Steven (Quit Coach)
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