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Wow ... six weeks!

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  1. justfortoday
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    12 Aug 2019
    15 Oct 2019
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    And it's amazing!

    I'm here because I made a commitment to myself to never smoke again. Yup! I'm pretty proud of what I've done.

    And I want to share my success with all of you who have pulled me back from the brink. Seriously, I would have started smoking again if the support wasn't here. By taking your advice to heart I managed to keep moving forward.

    Oh, but atp, I've tried to make steel cut oats so many times, and it's absolutely horrific! LOL!

    I've started stepping down on the patch - day two, step two- and although I feel the nicotine withdrawal, I have some great tools now.

    Thank you for reaching out and helping me get here.
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    15 Oct 2019 in reply to justfortoday
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    Good to see you're hitting your stride with your quit and - CONGRATS ON 6 WEEKS. 

    As for the oatmeal - it is likely you haven't been doing it right. LOL ;)
    Mind you, loose leaf tea has been nothing but trouble for me so I guess we are even. 

    Keep your focus, and learn to value your quit, and you'll be fine. 
  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    15 Oct 2019
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    Hi justfortoday,

    Congratulations on being smoke free for six weeks!  You made a decision to quit and you stuck to your guns, and now you are on your way to living the rest of your life as a non-smoker.  I know it hasn't been easy, and there are still challenges to come, but by now, you should be noticing some benefits to living smoke free.

    Whenever you are tempted, focus on how much better you feel and smell, and how freeing it is not to be ruled by your addiction.  Every day will get easier until you stop thinking about smoking altogether.

    You are rocking your quit, justfortoday.  Remember NOPE - Not One Puff Ever.  And give yourself a treat.  You deserve it!
  4. wimporswim
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    29 Nov 2017
    16 Oct 2019
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    Hi JFT,
    It IS truly amazing!  Congratulations!  I love success stories.  

    This site needs people like you, atp and treepeo to tell your stories and to also lend your support to others when they need it.  All of you are heroes! 
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