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Closing In on Two Weeks

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  1. rosie1931
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    27 Sep 2018
    21 Oct 2018
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    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think in the last forty-two years that I would be able to go without a smoke for almost two weeks, much less an hour.  I was one of those ones who said I would never quit (never say never, come to mind?), as I really didn't think it was harming me, or I thought I would be one of the lucky ones who got off scott free.  I've since learned differently and taken my head out of the sand and know that I was only deluding myself.  I came to the point 6 weeks ago, that I knew that I "needed" to quit, not that I "wanted" to quit.  I'm going through cravings, I'm going through some withdrawal, the insomnia is definitely the worst, but those are a piece of cake compared to the fact that I was killing myself, knowingly.  I want to be a non-smoker more than what I've ever wanted anything else in my life.  I want to live.  I know I'm strong enough to do this, sadly it came after forty-two years of smoking.  But I don't want to regret not giving this my best shot.  I already regret deeply that I ever started smoking and that I didn't give it a better try in my early twenties.  Wishing all of you the very best in this journey.  
  2. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    21 Oct 2018 in reply to rosie1931
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    Hello Rosie1931 and congrats on your almost-two-week-quit anniversary! what a fantastic accomplishment! esp after 42 years of smoking.
    Be gentle with yourself, and take it day by day. Sometimes its hour to hour. but you ARE doing it! and from whatever you're doing, its WORKING! Tell us, whats working? And good strategies to share? Its clear this quit is very important to you. Wanting to quit vs. needing to quit is a very important shift and can serve you well, even in the toughest of situations.
    Wishing you the very best in your quit, Rosie1931 - thank you so much for sharing,

2 posts, 0 answered