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Im terrified of sleeping

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  1. mommasgirl
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    09 Oct 2019
    12 Oct 2019
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    So i've been having issues sleeping and when i have been sleeping at night i've been having very vivid very terrifying nightmsres. I tired taking the patch off last night before bed still didnt get much sleep and it didn't help. I was tired so i thought taking a nap during the night would be okay and i could avoid the nightmares. I woke up crying and wanting to go look for my brother until i realised that it was just a dream. The dream was about my brother. He was upset and had gone for a walk and after 15 mins me and mom went to look him when got a call he was at the hospital because he had tried to kill himself. Now with that being said he is not a suicidal person and we have both seen doctors and therapists to determine if we have depression, I do he does not. Also with that being said my cousin killed himself when i was 6. Mt doctor wont give me pills for it because they don't work we know this from my PTSD of being sexually assaulted twice in 2 years and had nightmares for a while and none of pills worked.I am totally terrified to sleep at all. 
  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    12 Oct 2019 in reply to mommasgirl
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    Hi mommasgirl,

    Withdrawal symptoms are quite intense to put it mildly. They can be so overwhelming in fact that it is a good idea to make sure you are reaching out and getting support from your health care workers, doctors, therapists, nurses and/ or pharmacists. They are your team to support you through those symptoms.  Don't hesitate to reach out to any or all of them.

    Although for some the patch can interfere with sleep and they take it off before bed to help with that symptom, in fact nicotine withdrawal itself can also create sleep disturbance, so it may not have been the patch that created the trouble with your sleep but the lack of nicotine and withdrawal.

    The patch has some nicotine, but it is still at a much lower rate of nicotine than what your system is used to obtaining from cigarettes.

    Given the severity of your symptoms perhaps you should discuss your nicotine dose with any of those health care providers I mentioned. It may be that you require a different dose of nicotine to help soften up symptoms and get better quality sleep. Once you share with them how much you smoked and how long you've been a smoker they can guide you on the right dose for you!

    Along with withdrawal comes everything you've been through, and it is all being brought up to the surface. I am glad you are posting here and joining our community.

    Quitting is really tough but it can be managed better with the right combination and dose of nicotine, professional support and friends and family and of course our community here!

    You can do it mommasgirl, one day at a time,
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