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Living whithout nicotine.

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  1. pxp
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    25 Nov 2019
    17 Dec 2019
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    I have recently noticed that whenever I feel something I automatically want to smoke. No matter what the feeling is; tired, happy, excited, bored, etc... I guess this is the emotional addiction.  It is as if I do not know how to real feelings feel, without nicotine as an additive. Does this ever pass? Does it get better? I have been smoke-free for more than a month now :)
  2. justfortoday
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    12 Aug 2019
    17 Dec 2019 in reply to pxp
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    Hi pxp,

    I can promise you, this is a normal, albeit annoying, part of the quit and it will ease off.

    I couldn't believe how I connected every freaking emotion to smoking! Happy? Go for a cigarette. Sad? Go for a smoke. Anxious? Go for a smoke! It never ended.

    Something that helped me was doing some research and discovering that nicotine triggers the release of dopamine and I needed to find ways for my brain to produce it without nicotine. I learned that "learning" something new releases substantial amounts dopamine.

    And so I began to just pick topics I wanted to learn something about. For me it involved choosing a country I'd love to visit and then learning a complicated recipe from that region. I cant believe how much better, and happier I began to feel.

    Regardless of how you move forward, pxp, you're doing so well and the "obsessive" connection between feelings and smoking will get better!

2 posts, 0 answered