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Screw up

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  1. idonthaveone
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    18 Jan 2023
    05 Feb 2023
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    So I was feeling out of sorts and dissociated… and I screwed up today. I’m so disappointed in myself… not sure how to get back on track or what threw me off balance. I fought the feeling for three days and gave in today…. Ugh

    Worst part, cigarettes did not a thing to make how crappy I was feeling any better. That is a weird sentence but that’s all I’ve got. 

    I’m thinking about getting a nicotine free vape and just blow fruit around….. however, on a good note I’m glad the cigarettes did nothing to make me feel better because now I can remind myself if that next time I get the urge. Meanwhile…. I have an open army staring me in the face that I’m going to try keeping on ice to see if I can resist them…. I think that’s a piss poor idea and I don’t think I can and should just throw them all over the floor and mad dance on them…. Argh! 

    just argh!
  2. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    06 Feb 2023 in reply to idonthaveone
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    Hi idonthaveone,

    It is quite common and normal to have a relapse. Most smokers who have successfully quit have relapsed a few times before they stopped for good. Relapsing is usually an important learning experience. It means that you need to work on something in order to succeed fully.
    The fact that you lapsed means that you first had to succeed at quitting. That's a good sign for eventual success.
    Review your reasons for wanting to quit and plan some strategies for dealing with stress and/or cravings. Some have found that positive self-talk can be helpful, i.e. "I'm really stressed, but I can get through this. It won't last forever. I will get through it." or "I will be s stronger person for handling this without a cigarette." 
    It's great that you realized that the cigarette did not make you feel any better. Now you can strategize on how to move forward.

  3. jb63
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    28 Feb 2022
    06 Feb 2023
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    Don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact you came back on this site means your serious about your quit. Tomorrow is a new day
    take it one day at a time
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