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What is your most effective nicotine replacement product?

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  1. tonytony
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    01 Feb 2018
    01 Feb
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    And why :-) 
  2. jennifer, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    04 Feb in reply to tonytony
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    Hi Tony,

    Great question!

    All NRT products are effective in helping to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Each method has it's own qualities that appeal to each person. For example, some people like the patch because they feel the constant, low level of nicotine throughout 24 hours helps to keep their cravings at bay, it's also easy to use ( most of the time) and you can put it on and forget about it!

    Others like the flexibility of something like the NRT gum or lozenge because it gives them some control over when they use it, they can target tough times of the day for them or use it to help cut down on the number of cigarettes they are smoking.

    The inhaler is great for those who feel that having something to hold in their hands like the inhaler comforts them and gives them a physical substitute while delivering nicotine...there is also the spray or mist which is convenient and again, gives the user some control over when they use nicotine...

    Hope this helps! I'm sure you'd love to hear from other members what their own personal experience has been with NRT too!

    Have a great night,

  3. guillermo
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    25 Dec 2017
    04 Feb
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    I agree. I think it really depends on the person. There are so many options out there.
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