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12 days - have some yukky questions

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  1. missmulien
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    30 Mar 2020
    11 Apr
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    Hello fellow QUITTERS and congratulations for every hour and every day that you keep winning!
    (First let me say, i understand I am asking for personal experiences and not medical opinions)

    I QUIT 12 days ago after 34 years and I am......confused ..... by the physical response of my body and the lack thereof.

    DAYS 1-7 -My lungs HURT! I felt like i had a cinder block laying on my chest, suffocating me!!
    That eased.....

    Days 10-12 -  I have noticed my body making "throat clearing sounds", only very loud. I feel like i SHOULD have had a lot of phlegm before now (as I experienced in other quit attempts) but now it feels like there is a ball of thick, glued, phlegm WAY down deep and I am not even close to getting rid of that.

    I guess want I want to know is, has anyone had similar experiences and if so, would you care to share what you felt worked for you to alleviate these symptoms in particular?

  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    12 Apr
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    Good Morning  

    For what you said, sounds Normal, your Body started to heal it self. Digestion change to normal, so, lungs functions started to clear up all the bad staff, all those symptoms are normal, I had it too.

    It helps a lot to drink plenty of water
    walk to improve your briefing helps too.
    Do not forget that you change, so your body for the better!

    I quit cold turkey and all those 3 months since I quit was a totally new experience, It was me, only do not smoke. Brief pure Air!

    That was almost 5 years ago, It get better and better!
    Be nice your self, I love how started to see the benefits, if you are concern about it you can consult your Doctor,
    Every quit is different, give your self time, almost 2 weeks is an amassing job!

    Keep the Good job!
    All the best!
  3. missmulien
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    30 Mar 2020
    12 Apr
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    Thank you for sharing your experience and for the idea that "every quit is different".
    Congratulations to you for 5 years as well! And thank you for coming back for 5 years to help us new quitters!

  4. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    13 Apr
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    Hi missmulien,

    Congratulations on your now 13 smoke free days!  That is amazing!

    I quit cold turkey 3 years ago and I remember that my lungs hurt for about a month.  After that it eased off.  So to me, you are lucky the pain only lasted a week (even though each day was probably really hard to get through).

    In terms of getting rid of the phlegm, that will come in time.  I do think that everyone is different.  But just like when you have a cold, hot drinks seem to help clear out your chest.  You don't have to just drink coffee or tea, either.  Sometimes I buy lemons.  I wash them, and then put a couple of slices in boiling water and drink that.  Just make sure you rinse your mouth with water afterwards, because acidic food and drinks are hard on your tooth enamel.

    If you find you start to get up a lot of phlegm, consider keeping a little bag beside your favourite chair that you can use to spit it into, rather than having to get up to go to the sink each time.  I know it may sound gross, but it will really help to clear out your chest, and you  will find that you will start to breathe much easier.  Your chest will not feel so tight.  And eventually you will not be so winded when climbing a flight of stairs.

    Quitting isn't easy, especially for people like us who have smoked for years.  But it is worth it, it really is.  So hang in there.  You are stronger than your addiction.  And you deserve to live a smoke free life.
  5. lisa marie 67
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    08 Mar 2020
    14 Apr in reply to missmulien
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    Hello Missmulien, I too have quit its been a month and four days .CONGRATS on day 12 ,it honestly does get better craving wise everyday .Now I wanted to let you know that I too have phlegm and I make a loud crack like cough and get the phlegm out ,maybe 3 maybe 4 times throughout the day .I hear its normal and can go on for quite some time .I know what your going threw, its hard I know but we can do this!!!!
    Ive been a smoker for about 34 yrs as well.
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