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  1. tuftsy
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    29 Dec 2019
    29 Dec 2019
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      Have never been depressed ever for 50 years, i am 14 weeks in and feel lousy.  I do realize 35 years of smoking does not go away quick or overnight, but have never felt depressed and crummy thoughts!!! I by NO means am thinking suicidal thoughts or anything like that, i just do not feel like being with people and don't feel like doing anything!! My nose is still clogged, constantly clearing  throat that has a constant lump feeling in it. I am not eating more or less or snacking but have somehow gained 14 pounds of unwanted gut. There is a constant feeling of WHY am i doing this when there has been NO positives!!! This should be gone by now reading everything on internet and crappy health blog forums..... I do not have a fever or anything and  I am a construction foreman so somewhat physical every day...any thoughts?????
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  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    30 Dec 2019 in reply to tuftsy
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    First of all - congrats on quitting! I quit last year at 51 years old and I can tell you that the first 3 months were hard, but it gets easier and easier. Yes, I gained weight too. About 25lbs in total. Dr said part of it is me getting older (sigh..) and part is that contrary to what i thought I am eating more (started tracking my calories and a bit of an eye opener) since I quit smoking.

    You need to learn how to be a non-smoker now. It takes some practice. 

    Also, go see your Dr. 
  3. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    02 Jan 2020 in reply to tuftsy
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    Hi tuftsy,

    Sorry to hear your struggles. Quitting can certainly affect one's mental health, whether or not one has been affected in their past; it is a normal withdrawal symptom. While most people no longer have withdrawals at 14 weeks, everyone is different. 

    I wonder if you happen to have a virus or cold, and sometimes when people feel under the weather, it can lead to negative feelings due to lack of energy and fatigue?

    Please do a check-in with your healthcare provider if symptoms persist and/or worry you, as ATP suggested as well.

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