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2nd try to quit. First time here

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  1. kingstonlady
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    19 Jul 2021
    19 Jul
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    I've been smoking for forty six years without any quit attempts. My first attempt was earlier this year, I used Chantix and managed to not smoke for forty days. Sadly, Chantix can cause nasty mood swings & I had them full force. In a fit of anger, I lit up and the rest is history.

    Now I'm trying for a second time. Today is day twelve without a cigarette and I'm using the patch. So far so good but I am having cravings every day and some of them are real doozers. I guess I'm looking for the best ideas and help with beating these nasty cravings. 

    All ideas, advice, tips happily welcome! Thanks for listening
  2. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    20 Jul in reply to kingstonlady
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    Welcome, kingstonlady!
    We are so glad you are here, and making a new attempt at quitting.

    Congratulations on quitting for twelve days, and sounds like you are looking for info how to manage cravings while on the patch. We have several community members who have/had used the patch, so feel free to cruise around the conversation forums, and see what resonates with you.

    Sometimes, depending on how much you smoked and what is triggering the cravings, people find they need an additional form of NRT - such as the gum/lozenge/spray/inhaler - to use alongside the patch for breakthrough cravings. This is called Combination Therapy.

    Additionally, we shared the 4ds - Delay, Distract, Deep Breathing & Drink Water - as a quick & easy way to handle cravings in the moment. Distractions can be short - like reading a few chapters of a book, a wordsearch, walk around block - because cravings can be strong but are usually brief. Keep a list of ones that work best for you! 

    Hope that helps and please reach out as needed.

  3. nosmokejoe
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    13 Jul 2021
    21 Jul in reply to kingstonlady
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    Good luck and stay strong.  I suggest keeping company with others that don't smoke.  Don't let yourself be alone.  When I go for a drive now I take one of my kids with me.  I don't smoke around them so this forces me to be good.  Also, visualize the freedom in your mind of what it will feel like not to be influenced by the cravings.  It's hard to do at first when it feels totally natural and normal to light up.  

    Sign up for things that will keep you busy and keep you around other people in a non smoking env.  For example, I decided to help coach my kid's baseball team.  It puts me in a situation where I can't easily run off for a smoke.  If coaching's not your thing, volunteer for something else.  Community activities, your place of worship, etc.  Start, or revisit a hobby you that keeps you busy and offers little opportunity to smoke.  Whatever works for you, but stay engaged, socializing with others.  

    Anyway, hope this helps.  It's working for me so far, and I went cold turkey 19 days ago.  Cravings were insane at first, and now tend to come in waves from time to time.  Overall, I'm still in a fog....things seems surreal from time to time, but it's a day by day improvement that's trending in the right direction.  
  4. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    31 Jul in reply to kingstonlady
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    Hang in there kinstonlady and don't quit quitting!  you got this! 
    When I first quit smoking on my last successful attempt - which was 3 and a half years ago now, I drank lots of water, put natural stress relievers into the water (flower remedies), walked a lot, and did not associate with smokers.  I know those may be tall orders, but do what you can. I smoked for 35 plus years and had a VERY difficult time quitting - so many attempts. 
    Deep breathing also helped me, and to really focus on the freedom - not having to have to go out for that smoke.
    Keep going, keep trying, you can do it!
  5. kingstonlady
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    19 Jul 2021
    02 Aug
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    Thanks everyone for your comments & tips. I have been using the four D's - I find the deep breathing and drinking water especially helpful. For distraction - I play my MMO game. It really helps take the mind off. As does going for a walk.
    Luckily, I was the only smoker in the house so I'm not around other smokers. 
    It's Day 25 and I am still having cravings that are real doozies. I guess that's normal after smoking for as long as I did. The worst are after dinner and in the evening, I have noticed though, that they are fewer. (Yay!)
    I think to myself "I do not want to smoke, I do not want to smoke, I do not want to smoke" as the cravings start.
    We all do not want to smoke and we can do this!
    Stay safe and thanks for listening
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