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5 months smoke free but paranoid and feeling terrible

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  1. jackthesmoker
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    06 Jul 2019
    05 Jul 2019
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    Hope everyone are doing great!

    I am reaching out to this forum in search of guidance and help. I was more than pack a day smoker for nearly 12 years and I used to smoke weed for nearly 3 years. I quit everything cold turkey on Jan 21st and it's been 5 months smoke free and I quit consuming alcohol too.

    The day after I quit smoking after a long battle, I started noticing there was blood when I spit. I started getting below symptoms.

    -Shortness of breath-which gradually reduced after I started jogging but still I get everyday.
    -Blood in my saliva-everyday. Before I used to bleed little in my nose early morning that is now stopped. Now I spit blood (less than 1 table spoon) while I wake up and sometimes in the evening.

    After going through this, I started changing my diet. For breakfast, I have apples, dry fruits, nuts and sometimes celery and I drink black tea boiled with ginger and mint leafs. So, I can see some changes but still I am worried about the blood which I spit everyday morning.

    I am planning to go visit doctor but I am not quit sure where to start. I was dealaying it coz I dint have insurance but now I have got my insurance covered.

    Your assistance will be of great help as I am going through a tough time in my life and I want to enjoy my family time.


  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    06 Jul 2019 in reply to jackthesmoker
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    Good Morning,

    jackthesmoker welcome to our community and I am so glad you've reached out to us!

    What inspired you to make all of those changes back in January? Your achievements so far are really quite fantastic. How do you feel about these achievements now looking back? ( I hope you realize how strong you are?)

    Your body is healing and recovering. So many good changes are taking place internally jackthesmoker but it sounds like some scary things are going on too and you are worried.

    I can tell you that shortness of breath can take some time, yes for some it can be months of healing and recovery, before passing but most notice it passing after the first month. Increase in coughing and phlegm can occur and can take some time to clear up and yes again, for some it can be months but for most it is in that first month of a quit and then passes.

    However, blood in the phlegm isn't a common symptom of withdrawal.

    You've made some wonderful, fantastic strides in taking care of your physical health. The next step is to see a physician, share your symptoms and concerns and then you will be able to continue healing and getting stronger and stronger. You can do it jackthesmoker, you've got the strength and determination to be where you are right now and can face the next step too.

    You'll need those answers to feel better jackthesmoker.

    I hope you see a doctor really soon to help remove those worries and keep growing stronger in your health.

    Please keep us posted, and congratulations on all of your successes, it really is inspiring!

2 posts, 0 answered