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Back again!

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  1. butterflyna
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    15 Feb 2018
    19 Jan 2021
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    Not smoke free. Have had 5 today. Very depressed 
  2. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    19 Jan 2021 in reply to butterflyna
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    Sorry to hear about your mood. It sounds like you are upset about smoking? If this is the case, maybe try to turn it into a positive thing: if you were not upset about smoking, then you would also not care about quitting.

    Hope you can reach out for some support for your mental health as well,

    Jenna Lee
  3. lesleyaf
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    23 Nov 2020
    20 Jan 2021 in reply to butterflyna
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    Hi butterflyna,

    Don't get down on yourself.  Slips happen.  What's important is that you get back on the wagon.  
    You can do this! Especially with the support from this community forum.
    I find that when I want to smoke, I come on this forum and check my stats and my reasons for quitting.  That really helps.
    Keep the faith! You can do this.  You have our support!

3 posts, 0 answered