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  1. deac66
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    17 Aug 2020
    17 Aug
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    Hello All,

    I am back again and came back here looking for help. I am/was a casual/secret smoker and have decided to try again. I am on day 3 and struggling a little so looking for any help I can find. I KNOW smoking is a disgusting and cigarettes solve nothing but I am craving one and I do not know why? I need to get through this as I do not want to smoke but feel I am very vulnerable now. 
  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    17 Aug
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    Hi  deeac66

    Welcome to helpline, Congrats in 3 days smoke free

    As you said you were casual smoker, and now you are worry because the problem get worse. Well is a great news.
    Solution, make a plan what to do in those moments, instead maybe you can chose something healthy or distract with the phone, or walking.. etc.
    you are not alone, please feel free to post how you do!  

    All the best!
  3. woodywow
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    18 Aug 2020
    18 Aug
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            I am 63 and quit smoking after 48 years. I was smoking a pack a day of iron lung cigarettes...meaning high nic and tar rating. I have exactly  122 days in and this is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to do.I did it cold turkey no aides.My doctor tells me that for smoking that long my body does not know normal and he is right. i HAVE TO RETRAIN MY BRAIN HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT NICOTINE.
    I have had sleepless nights and I am still coughing up shit. I still get cravings but they are getting less and less now. My whole body has ached for the first 3 months but I have not had any more leg cramps and believe you me I had some bad ones while I was smoking. (poor blood flow) I have also taken off 20 pounds as I changed my diet and am getting a lot better exercise now. We go for a 1.5 hour walk after dinner now most every night.I also have been inhaling steam to loosen the flem in my lungs..I do that for 15 min every morning and it works. We have bought a membership to the huge swimming pool by our place and will be walking on the indoor track first then go for a swim this winter. QUITTING IS HARD BUT HANG IN THERE AS YOU WILL SEE RESULTS...BEST THING I EVER DID PLUS I HAVE PUT ALMOST $1800 IN THE BANK NOW! I BOUGHT TWO CARTONS OF CIGARETTES EVERY PAYDAY AND NOW I PUT THAT 200 DOLLARS INTO A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH TANGERINE... GOOD LUCK TO ALL
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  4. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    18 Aug in reply to woodywow
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    Hello deac66 - thank you so much for reaching out to this forum, and congrats on deciding to never quit quitting! Day 3 is a huge accomplishment, and while its not easy, you are taking it day by day for reasons that mean so much to you. Way to go!

    And WOW, woodywow!!! Thank you for your inspirational post....holy moly! So many benefits to your quit, adding up each and every hour you continue to be smoke-free. Outstanding work!
    We greatly appreciate and recognize all your hard work.

    And so whether your day 3 or day 333: we stand behind you all, cheering you on! You CAN do it!

  5. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    20 Aug
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    Hi deac66,

    You are experiencing cravings because cigarettes are highly addictive.  In addition, we associate smoking with so many life experiences, both good and bad.  So it is a really hard addiction to overcome.  But it IS possible to quit.

    Try to distract yourself with other things.  Keeping busy helps.  And drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins in your body.  Remember that you are stronger than your addiction.  You can kick it to the curb.
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