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day 31

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  1. judy
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    09 Dec 2017
    23 Dec 2017
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    good days bad days. the struggle is real. lol. Im using patch and lozenge. Think maybe for life lol.  breathing has been heavy. no cough. food makes me gag, smokers make me gag , perfume makes me gag . its a stinky world lol. still fighting the habit part of it all. avoiding triggers is getting better though as my brain says lets go its time and then kicks into oh no we dont do that anymore. I wont be having and drinks over Christmas as the thought of a cold beer and a smoke are way to triggery for me . My thoughts and prayers are with all on this path. Its hard. But you are fighting for your life. Think of having a gun to your own head. Actually picture it. You control if you live or die. Choosing to smoke is like pulling your own trigger. Join some face book groups. Join the stop program. Do what you need to get through. Ive been smoking 42 years. its controlled me long enough. I assisted a lady in walmart the other day. She was struggling to get from her walker to the scooter and her oxygen got stuck. She finally got seating. Tried to get her breath to speak. and when she did, she said young lady. I hope you dont smoke. and i looked at her and said. No. No i dont. I cried in the truck for 15 mins. Talk about devine intervention. Hoo rah. stay strong yall <3 
  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    23 Dec 2017 in reply to judy
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    Good Afternoon Judy!

    You are doing so fantastic judy. Your determination is just shining through in this post. Look at how you've been feeling, pretty much like everything stinks and makes you sick and yet, you aren't going to let cigarettes control you anymore! You are really seeing the big picture and staying focussed on that right now.

    I think that divine intervention showed you your focus too and it has given us inspiration too. Thank you Judy for this vivid description of your quit. It is so helpful.

    As is your strength, so  I look forward to seeing more of  "staying strong, yall"

    All the best,

2 posts, 0 answered