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Day #5

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  1. cozy1973
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    05 Jan 2020
    05 Jan 2020
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    I am new here. It was not a New Year's resolution for me (we know how New Year's resolutions go). It just happened that this time of trying to quit, it was New Year.
    It's day number 5. It is not easy. But it is part of the deal. 
    Such a terrible addiction is not easy to overcome. I know. I quit before for 5 years and 3 months. 
    It was not easy to quit. It was the most difficult and the biggest accomplishment. But I took one cigarette and I was back to square one.
    I was sure that this time I got it right. There was no way for me to go back to smoking. I had no cravings after a year. I was very sure of myself. Why would I go back to smoking? It would be the stupidest thing to do. But I had a few drinks in a party and somebody offered me a cigarette. I learned how to quit and that I need to be always on guard. But now it is still difficult

  2. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    06 Jan 2020 in reply to cozy1973
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    Hello Cozy1973, and congrats on day 5.
    I read and re-read your post, and it really resonated with the fact that many of us have quits in our past, and they really do shape what future quits become. You had this amazing, 5-yr long quit and because you relapsed, you are more guarded about ever having 'just one' cigarette. Its because of this experience that helps you know what you can - and cannot - do in this current quit. And so, your past quit was so very valuable. 
    You are so strong & can do this! We are rooting for you, Cozy1973.
    Take care
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