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Gearing up to Quit day...

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  1. kookatsoon
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    25 Aug 2018
    01 Sep 2018
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    I am starting to take measures to gear up to quit day with patches again, and I am afraid of failure again.  I have been drinking every day, a bottle of wine....and with that comes chain smoking and doing nothing.  Today, September my Day 1....NO ALCOHOL.  .  I hope to do my smoking about 10 days from now.  I am hoping it will not be too much....both at once.  I have copd....and should have quit smoking years ago, as this disease just worsens faster if you keep smoking.  I notice a difference in my energy...just in one year ago.I know that my anxiety and high stress reactions are what make me reach for smokes continually and boredom...and apathy...I am glad I have found this on-line community....hope to post and have some accountability and support...thanks you
  2. renee, quitcoach
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    16 Jul 2018
    02 Sep 2018 in reply to kookatsoon
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    Hello kookatsoon,

    Congratulations on Day 1 no alcohol! I’m sure you will be able to carry that success to quitting smoking also. It’s important you find a way to quit that works for you and it looks like you are doing the right thing by dealing with one addiction at a time. 

    Yes having COPD is a great motivator to quit smoking. 

    Hopefully once you quit smoking,you will notice an improvement in your energy and breathing. 

    Best of luck for both! 
  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    02 Sep 2018
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    Hi kookatsoon,

    So glad to hear that you are going to quit smoking.  It will do wonders for your breathing and your overall health.  You have good insight about some of the reasons why you smoke, including boredom and apathy.  So now that you are quitting drinking, too, try doing things to keep yourself busy and distracted.  Maybe get out more.  Go see a movie, visit the art gallery or the museum, take a walk in the park.  Or take care of some chores at home that you have been neglecting.  Anything to keep your mind off drinking and smoking.

    It's hard to make major changes like this, but it's certainly not impossible.  And it is so worth it.  Believe in yourself, kookatsoon.  You can do this!
  4. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    03 Sep 2018
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    Hey kookatsoon - killing two birds with one stone - you got this!!!!  For many of us, it's funny how drinking leads to smoking AND smoking leads to drinking.  From my personal experience, you have to limit both before you can control either.  We're here for you!!!!
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