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Hi im new to forum

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  1. jackie1974
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    03 Sep 2018
    06 Jul 2019
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    I just got completed first day of quitting smoking with patch and lozengers
  2. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    06 Jul 2019
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    Hi Jackie,

    Way to go!  Day 1 can be the hardest.  It is, regardless of intention, the time to make a decision.  It's going to get tough, but keep committed to your quit, to yourself.

    Every journey begins with a single step.  You're heading in the right direction.

  3. kate r, quit coach
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    16 Jan 2019
    07 Jul 2019
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    Hi Jackie,

    Welcome to the community forum! Congratulations on getting through your first day! As efreeman75 mentions, it certainly can be the hardest day. 

    Keep us posted on your quit journey and how combination therapy is treating you! Hopefully you find some good information, tips, and support here as you make this change. It is not easy, but definitely worth it!

    Kate R
  4. me_n_freedom
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    14 Sep 2018
    08 Jul 2019
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    Hi Jackie,
    I am not far behind behind you, I'm not too far behind yo u with just 3 days under my belt.
    I found that when I accept the craving for what they are ( a chance to make a choice) that don't hit me so hard as when I fight them.
    When they come, just ask yourself is this something I want to do? No? So just say thank yu to the craving for offering you the option but just decline the offer gently with respect "thank you but I want to be free, u can go back and leave me alone"
     Read about the addiction to nicotine to understand better.
    Hope it all helps
  5. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    08 Jul 2019 in reply to me_n_freedom
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    jackie1974 and me_n_freedom - Congrats on starting on your quit!

    That is a huge step to take and one that you will not regret regardless of the outcome. 

    You need to want to quit and you'l need to fight those cravings. I spent days talking out loud to myself about reasons why i wasn't going to smoke anymore. Whatever it takes to fight off those cravings. 
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