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I need to stop this madness

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  1. margie55
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    29 Nov 2017
    17 Feb 2018
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    I'm back...again...I have quit many times and I recently relapsed yet again. I don't want to be doing this and I can't figure out . It's really a struggle. I'm going to set tomorrow as my new quit date because I've already had one this morning.  I have nicorette gum I can chew to get through the rest of today.

    Please help. Any and all words of wisdom are appreciated at this point.

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  2. jennifer, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    17 Feb 2018 in reply to margie55
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    Good Morning Margie,

    So glad you've come by today and shared with all of us how things are going for you, we can hear how much you want to be smoke-free and how you struggle with the triggers around you. You've said some really important things here in your post, " sneaking smokes is not helping", "I'm going to set tomorrow as my new quit date"... know you'll have our support as you quit.

    You've also mentioned that you have gum, is it nicotine gum? Using a quit method, like the patch or gum etc can really help to cope with the physical cravings as you get used to dealing with the triggers and changing routines. 

    Just wanted to also mention that you can speak with a Quit Coach by calling us at 1-877-513-5333. We're here to help you create a good quit plan, identify and target triggers and offer support as you quit. Feel feel to reach out anytime!

  3. nerak47
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    23 Jan 2018
    19 Feb 2018
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    Hello Margie, 

    I feel your pain and your want to quit. 
    When I initially made the decision to quit, and to seriously commit this time, I had to change how I thought about being a non smoker. At first my thought was "I'm quitting forever " big boo boo. That thought was overwhelming for me, so again, practicing process in changing that by breaking down in smaller times...for example, waiting until I've had my 2 cup of morning coffee. . .just to see if I can quit. 
    I was such a chronic long time smoker, with an addictive personality I knew I'd need serious help - I started off small. Dr had me try patch n nicotine gum. I smoked my way through the headaches and nausea - that didn't work! Next, I tried Wellbutrin, and that was working mostly. The taste was awful and I couldn't finish a whole smoke <<< addictive personality! Wellbutrin mostly took away the physical cravings, but psychologically I still craved. Timid and cautious me and Dr tried me on Champix. But I'll be damned  - first time in my life I coming to know what life is like without being centred around that smoke. By all means, it's not easy...I've built friendship around smoking and even my partner smokes. It's quite challenging! 

    I have 13 days of being a non smoker, and I still have to remain in the now. I still have to think and remind myself of...
    1-the craving doesn't last long and I can wait 2 mins, get up and wipe the table
    2-the cigarette doesn't taste  pleasurable or do anything for me anymore
    3- I don't want to get as sick I was 
    4-I have 13 days, and they have been challenging for me, I've had ups and downs...I don't want to have to start the count again. 
    The struggle is real, no matter method of efforts...I have found a way to stay quit, and even though there are plenty of choices and ways to quit, it can still be super hard! I am still making a conscience choice to not smoke - even on Champix. 
    I hope you can find a way that works for you Margie! Lots of different ways...keep searching for your way! 
    I also found reading other posts helped- gives me comfort knowing I don't struggle alone. Take comfort 


  4. ocean
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    29 Nov 2017
    19 Feb 2018
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    Hi Margie55,

    I love what Nerak says and I totally had a similar prep stage as her.  Your in a place right now where you're feeling anxious about your upcoming quit, probably because you haven't yet mastered it and have relapses, so it makes sense that you feel vulnerable.  So test yourself, just see if you can delay having a smoke, or even a whole period of hours when you will not smoke where you normally would.  As you conquer these periods with distractions, you'll get excited that you did it.  And then build on from there.  It builds confidence, it really does!  I would do this in the early AM, and after work - times when I would cluster smoke.  I set a timer to ring every hour, so that I could only have one, instead of 4 during these heavy smoking periods.  I eventally took the plunge and set a quit date.  Keep educating yourself and make a note of when/why you smoked, and your craving level, and how obessed you were even if you did not smoke one.  Best of luck to you!!
  5. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    20 Feb 2018
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    Good Morning Marggie55

    Don't feel so bad, you are in the process to be free, I have been sleeping and relapsing for so many times since I started my quit.
    Until, I finally totally free.!

    It takes some time, to prepare your self fiscal and mentally ready to be free.

    Every day is a try, never give up!

    WE want to be free!

    You can do it!
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