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Newbie with panicked attacks

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  1. pandabear
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    27 Jan 2019
    05 Feb 2019
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    Going on 4 days of no smoking. I get small panicked attacks every time it comes closer to when I would normally have a smoke, but when it reaches that habit my panicked attack goes away.
  2. quitfriend
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    29 Nov 2017
    06 Feb 2019
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    Hi pandabear and welcome!
    I have not experienced panick attacks as of yet in connection to quitting but I have experienced some anxiety. Cravings and withdrawal are tough to deal with and that would be compounded for someone dealing with panick attacks. Perhaps it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor about quitting and what you are experiencing. 
  3. marianne, quit coach
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    30 Nov 2017
    06 Feb 2019
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    Hello pandabear,

    Congratulations on day 4 for you!  

    As Quitfriend said, talk to your doctor about your symptoms.  Makes sense how anxiety can creep in when the times you would smoke approach.  There are strategies you can try that your doctor may speak about as well.  Some of them include: deep breathing, positive self talk, distracting with things to do...  

    Let us know what you have tried and if you have any thoughts of what appeals to you to try in those given moments.  

    Thinking of you and that you are at ease soon.  

  4. jonmelo33
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    31 Jan 2019
    07 Feb 2019
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    Hello PandaBear,

     I am at Day 4 today as well. I know how your feeling and above are good things to do. in the mean time to before you see the Doctor when it coming close to that time where you might panic go for a quick walk. if something setting you off to smoke just keep saying that your only trying to make an excuse to smoke you dont need it. repeat it in your head our out loud a few times.

    i had a really tough day yesterday i was able to do that and calmed myself down. 

    But KEEP STRONG. We can do this!
4 posts, 0 answered