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One Month Down

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  1. hils99
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    22 Sep 2018
    04 Oct 2018
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    I had my last cigarette on Sep 4/18 at noon hour. I basically lit it, took a drag and put it out and have not had a cigarette since.  I have smoked for over 50 years and am doing this without any medicines or no-smoking aids.  I have found bottled water has really helped and I have a bottle with me at all times.  Scotch Mints or peppermints help the "after meal" cravings and I also keep a supply of Werther's or hard butterscotch candies close at hand.  I still have the cravings, but mostly just in the evenings now.  The coughing bouts have almost completely stopped and I have noticed breathing is easier when I am out walking. But does anyone have any advice on the bad moods?
  2. merline, quit coach
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    12 Sep 2018
    04 Oct 2018 in reply to hils99
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    Greetings hils99,

    Congratulations on your quit!

    I am so glad to hear that you have found different ways to cope with your cravings.

    Please keep in mind that mood changes are common after quitting smoking. You might be irritable, restless, or feel down or blue. If you have these feelings after quitting smoking, there are things you can do to help lift your mood.

    Stay active. 
    Any kind of exercise can help—taking a walk, going to the gym. This can be hard to do when you are feeling down, but making the effort can pay off. 

    Structure your day. 
    Create a plan to stay busy. Try to get out of the house whenever you can.

    Do things with other people. 
    Some people who are feeling down are cut off from others. Having regular contact with other people can help your mood. Try to connect with people regularly, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or via text message.

    Build rewards into your life. 
    For many people who are sad, rewards and fun activities are missing from their lives. Finding ways to reward yourself can help lift your mood. Even small things, like reading a magazine or listening to music, can add up and help you feel better.

    Do what used to be fun. 
    One of the common signs of depression is no longer wanted to do activities that used to be fun. It may be hard, but you might try doing fun activities again to help improve your mood. Try making a list of activities or events that you enjoy and plan to do one a day.

    Get support.
    You don’t have to deal with negative moods alone. Your friends, family, and others who are important to you can support you. Let them know what they can do to help, if you have any questions or concerns about quitting, you can call Smokers’ Helpline at 1-877-513-5333 (toll-free) and visit and the Community of quitters.

    One day at a time!

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  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    05 Oct 2018
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    Hi hils99,

    Congratulations for being smoke free for a whole month!  That is really terrific!

    Your body, mind and spirit are still adjusting to the loss of chemicals they were used to getting on a regular and daily basis.  So many of us experience changes in mood when we quit.  Try to be extra kind to yourself.  Like Merline said, do things that you enjoy.  That should help to put you in a better mood.  Your bad moods will pass eventually.  Quitting smoking is a process.  You have to be patient as well as determined.  You can't undo 50 years of smoking with a snap of your fingers.  But day by day, it will get easier.  Just as your cravings have eased, so your moods will improve.

    When you are out walking, focus on how much easier you are breathing.  Your chest should be feeling a lot lighter.  And you are coughing less.  Self-awareness can be very important in the quitting process.  Make note of these positive changes, and celebrate them, even if just by making a mental note.  All of these benefits are great motivation to keep the quit.
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