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Quit date changed

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  1. nash second try
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    14 Sep 2018
    04 Oct 2018
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    Hi again! I originally had my quit date as Sept 21 using nicorette mouth spray to help with the urges. It did help but I found myself smoking the big cigarette butts my daughter-in-law left in the ashtray downstairs about once a day. So I didn't really quit. Then she left a whole cigarette right on the window sill where the ash tray was! It made me very angry because she knew I was having such a hard time!

    I was so angry with her I stopped right then and there! The first day I went the whole day without any smoking at all was Sept 27 and I have revised my quit date for that. The cigarette stayed on that window sill for 4 days before someone got rid of it. Every time I saw it, it made me angry and more determined! 

    So today is my 8th day smoke free! Yes! With the help of mouth spray, the e-mails I get from this help line and also I listen to quit smoking hypnotism videos on youtube, I'm still completely smoke free!

    It is still difficult and I worry I will slip again but I have been smoking for 55 years so of course it is a challenge! But I do have a plan. I will continue to get excellent support from this help line. I will also complete the program for the mouth spray as laid out by nicorette. It is a 12 week program and I will start week 4 tomorrow. And I will also keep watching the videos. I have a collection of 3 or 4 ranging from 8 minutes to an hour and I usually do 1 a day. Also, I have full support from my husband who also smoked for 55 years and quit cold turkey about a year and half ago.

    Anyway, I would say wish me luck but I don't think luck has anything to do with it. So maybe just wish me success! I would like to thank all the kind people who already reached out to me and also thank in advance all those who I know will respond to this. This forum is a great source for support, strength and courage. Thank you again!
  2. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    04 Oct 2018
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    Hello nash second try - congrats on day #8! Way to go!
    Really great how you decided to change your quit date - timing is so important, and its imperative you are feeling prepared going into your first day smoke-free. Sounds like things were going on at home that needed some extra time to get you ready to quit.
    And look at your now!
    You have a great plan that includes NRT, distractions, support, and relapse prevention.
    Wishing you LOADS of success - pls do not hesitate to reach out online, by phone, or email fro support.

  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    04 Oct 2018 in reply to nash second try
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    Hi nash second try,

    Way to go on having 8 smoke free days under your belt.  Good for you!

    I smoked for about 43 years so I know how hard it is to quit.  But it sounds like you are doing all of the right things.  Keep it up, and be more stubborn than your addiction.  You said your husband quit a year and a half ago.  Well, if he can do it, so can you.  Show him what you're made of.  You are smart and determined, and you are going to be successful.  Grit your teeth, hang tough, and live by NOPE, Not One Puff Ever.

    You can do this, nash.  Believe in yourself.
  4. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    05 Oct 2018
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    Hi nash second try,

    Congratulations on successfully navigating into a second week smoke free. That is a great accomplishment! Your plan is a sound one and is proving to be successful. Keep up the great work!

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