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quitting all over again

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  1. freedomchild
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    18 Jan 2022
    20 Nov 2022
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    here i go starting all over again.  i did it for 7 months i'm sure i can do it again. tomorrow is my quit date. 
  2. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    20 Nov 2022 in reply to freedomchild
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    Hi freedomchild,

    You can do it again for sure.  Think of all the reasons why you want to quit.  Remember the freedom you had when you stopped smoking.  Cravings didn't dictate your life.  You didn't have to excuse yourself from situations so that you could go and have a smoke.  And think of the money you saved.  And how much easier it was for you to breathe.  

    You can break this nasty habit again.  You are stronger than your addiction.  Believe in yourself.  I am rooting for you!
  3. Fisher Guy
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    01 Dec 2021
    21 Nov 2022
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    Hi Freedomchild. You got this, 7 months was great. Now on to 1 year and more. We know it take willpower, but you can do this. Keep NOPE on you mind all the time. Have a great journey.
3 posts, 0 answered