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  1. hellothere
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    29 Mar 2020
    29 Mar
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    well this is my second time quitting  in two months, I always wanted to quit but it is so hard. Especially that my husband smokes. I am going to do it this time for sure. I tried to use a patch but took it off right away scared of the side effects. I have gum but don't know how safe that is.
  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    30 Mar
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    Hi Hellothere

    Welcome back then, first of all I think that you need to share with him that you will need his support!
    I think that will help you write down to what you are afraid of? and made a plan to built confidence!
    Do not be afraid I quit so many times, until I finally I keep my quit!

    It sound like you are well prepare, give your self a break and enjoy will you quit! Enjoy every minute free of it!
    Regard your self in a healthy way
    Drink plenty water
    Distract your self when times is hard
    Discus about how you feel with someone you know
    Go for walk
    All the best, you can do it, this your chance!
  3. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    30 Mar
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    Welcome, hellothere! When you say that you're going to do it this time for sure, I believe you! You sound very focused and determined. 

    Brieffree, thanks for those suggestions. To go along with what you said about talking to the husband to enlist his support, we do have a good conversation starter available for download here: Help A Smoker Quit

    About your concerns re: patches and gum, a few things that it may help to know: for someone who typically smokes 10 or more cigarettes per day, patches or gum can effectively double the chances of quitting successfully. These nicotine replacements are much safer than smoking: they have nicotine, but none of the chemicals that make cigarettes so harmful to one's health.

    Most people have no side effects or brief ones; rarely any serious ones. Patches may cause skin irritation and/or vivid dreams, and nicotine gum can cause jaw or throat irritation, mouth ulcers, hiccups and upset stomach. With the nicotine gum, side-effects are more likely if it's not chewed properly (there should be instructions included).

    That being said, it's best to consult with your doctor before using these if you have a major health concern or medical condition. 

    Hope this helps,
3 posts, 0 answered