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Started smoking to cope up with heartbreak now breaking up with cigarettes

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  1. abhilash 01
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    28 Mar 2020
    28 Mar
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    Namastey everyone! Now i am also in this journey to be back with life again and grow to my full potential. Lets do this together 
  2. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    28 Mar
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    welcome here abhilash 01
    I found support here in this community, especially when I broke up with cigarettes on March 5, 2018.  
    I'm now on day 756 of my NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) journey.  
    I started smoking in 1982, so I've been a long term, die hard puffer.
    Good strength on your journey 
  3. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    28 Mar
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     abhilash 01

    No Dube is the best decision ever, here you will find a lot support, how to quit and kept your quit!
    Please post how you do,

    Star leaving free, enjoy leaving with out those smokes.
    You soon will start to see the Benefit!
    And safe a lot of money! 

  4. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    30 Mar
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    Abhilash 01, so glad to have you here with us! You are coming back to life and this is something to celebrate! 

    Please know that we are here for you and ready and willing to help however we can! 

    Wishing you much success,
  5. lisa marie 67
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    08 Mar 2020
    30 Mar in reply to abhilash 01
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    Hello Namastey ,I am Lisa I quit almost 3 weeks ago and I feel great. My advise is to take on day at a time ,get lots of sleep,drink lots of good liquids and slowly start to exercise( slow and gentle) just a bit at a time ,thats just what I am doing.
    You can do this
5 posts, 0 answered