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Text Messaging/Live Chat - Now Available in Saskatchewan!

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    12 Sep 2018
    09 Jun 2019
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    Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
    I wanted to let everyone know that our Text Messaging and Live Chat support is not only available in Ontario, but also in Saskatchewan as well now!

    If you are interested in signing up for either of these, here is some information to get you started and where/how to sign up:


    Text Messaging

    Receive up to 13 weeks of supportive text messages on your cell phone.

    Support is offered around:


      • Preparing to Quit


      • Coping with cravings, withdrawal symptoms and stress


      • Identifying quit tips and aids


      • Staying motivated and maintaining your quit

    You also have the ability to text certain keywords for additional supportive messages:

    Edgy, Craving, Alcohol, Smokers, Stress, Motivate, Slip

    Text "Stop" if you want out of the program


    Live chat support via text message- Launched March 2018

    A client who has registered for text (i.e. they have to text "iquit" first, and accept service by either providing a quit date or the word "thinking") can now text the word "CHAT" during our contact centre hours to engage in live chat.


    Steven (Quit Coach)

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