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What's your secret?

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  1. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    16 Jan 2020
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    With National Non Smoking Week quickly approaching (Sun. Jan. 19th- Sat. Jan. 25th) we thought it might be nice to hear from some of you about your experience with quitting. 

    If anyone is interested in sharing their story please feel free to write a message to the Quit Coaches in the contact us section of the website. 

    Some possible things to discuss could be what motivated you to quit? What were your past quit attempts like? What is working for you in your quit? How do you manage stress? What do you enjoy about being a non-smoker? And do you have any advice that you would share with others as they begin their journey?

    Look forward to hearing all of your stories! We will be sharing them with all members throughout the week. 
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1 posts, 0 answered