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What quitters rarely talk about

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  1. hsp
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    23 Jan 2018
    23 Jan 2018
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    Hello! New on this forum...I quit cigarettes cold turkey back in November 2017. It's been just a little over two months. I used Allen Carr's method.
    From the beginning, I noticed a lot of changes. Perhaps what is unique in my situation is that I have a mother, a partner and an in-law who also quit cold turkey roughly around the same time. This is what I observed:

    Quitting smoking the first 4 days: The cravings were intense but lasted only 1-3 minutes on average. If you can make it through, you're golden. Also, I found I had MUCH more energy the first week than I do now. 

    Quitting smoking first month: Emotional roller coaster. I cried for nothing, got angry at the slightest upset, my anxiety was through the roof and I even had panic attacks which I've never experienced before. The insomnia got to me...causing much mental fog and confusion as well as emotional upset. Having known this would happen, I would have taken Melatonin to help me sleep much sooner. My mother was having the same issues. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was a raging ball of hell. He didn't cry. He raged...and screamed, and banged on objects like a 4 year old pulling a tantrum. My in-law was similar. 
    Both myself and my in-law had and continue to have gastric upset. It's quite uncomfortable, actually. 
    Toward the end of this first month, even after taking the melatonin, I still felt I was overly tired. Too tired. I decided to take a B-Complex Vitamin as well as a multi-vitamin. It seems to help. 

    Quitting smoking 2nd month: Emotionally I am back to a stable state. I am still taking the vitamins, eating a proper diet and following my normal routine. I'm not sure about the sleep although I am planning on stopping the melatonin to see if I can fall asleep and stay asleep on my own. 
    The stomach issues are still there. My in-law's as well. 
    My boyfriend still isn't great at managing his stress reactions...more work to do there. 
    My mother and I had our thyroids checked. 
    I did not receive my results yet, but my mother's it way too high. But it wasn't only months ago. Apparently, according to my research, there is a link between quitting smoking and thyroid dysfunction. If you are months into quitting and you're still way too tired, please get your thyroid checked! 
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  2. marianne, quit coach
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    30 Nov 2017
    24 Jan 2018
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    Hello hsp,

    Congratulations on your success!  Documenting your experience is a great support to members here- no doubt people can identify.  

    We haven't heard from health care professionals about any connection with quitting smoking and thyroid changes.  Although, we highly recommend people seeing their doctor when quitting smoking.  Hope you feel improvement with all the regime you are doing- sounds very good.  

    Keep us in the loop.  

    Best Wishes,

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