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Support Someone to Quit


It’s tough to be the loved one of someone who smokes or uses vape products. You want them to live a long and healthy life, but you worry about how their smoking or vaping will affect their health.

Unfortunately, you can’t make someone quit smoking or vaping. The decision to quit must be made by that person alone – for their own purposes and in their own time.

All people who smoke or use vape products have their own reasons for smoking or vaping, and each will be motivated to quit by different things. 

Some people try to quit many times before they quit for good!

Here’s what you can do to make their quitting process a little easier:

  • Be sensitive to their moods and needs. At different times, they may want support, to be left alone or to talk about their success.
  • Support them to keep busy.
  • Tell them how much you believe in them and compliment their efforts.
  • Be understanding if they slip back to smoking or vaping. Let them know you’ll be there to support when they’re ready to try again.
  • Encourage them to take advantage of resources such as Talk Tobacco.

Remember that they are your friend or loved one first and a person who smokes or vapes second. Show them you care no matter what you think about their smoking or vaping

Through Talk Tobacco’s phone, text, live chat or online community, we can support family and friends with a wide range of services which include:

  • finding more information about commercial tobacco and vaping for their own loved one,
  • support with referring a loved one to Talk Tobacco
  • tips on being supportive to those looking to reduce or quit their commercial tobacco use.
Want help with how to support a loved one? Want to know what others do? Ask on our quit community on Facebook.


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