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Quit support

Why Quit Now?

Over 60% of people who smoke commercial tobacco want to quit

Pros and Cons to quitting

Think about what benefits you get from smoking or vaping and about some of the not-so-good things about it. 

What does smoking or vaping mean to you? A lot of people have a complicated relationship with commercial tobacco. This is an opportunity for you to see which side of that relationship is stronger.

Get out a piece of paper and make two columns: Pros of Smoking and Cons of Smoking. Now fill them each in with as many as you can think of in five minutes.

Do you have more cons? You can see that smoking or vaping is doing more harm than good in your life. Perhaps it’s time to move forward and take that next step towards reducing or quitting.

Do you have more pros? There are still some aspects of smoking or vaping that are important to you. You see some benefits to quitting, but right now, they may not outweigh your reasons to keep smoking or vaping. Keep reading but come back to this list of why quitting was important to you before you make a final decision.

Were your lists equal? You see some good and some bad things that come with smoking or vaping but you’re still on the fence about which side is right for you. 

If you’re having trouble making your list, talk to your friends or family, post in our Facebook community group, or connect with a Talk Tobacco Quit Coach by phone, live chat or text.

Not ready to quit

You know that smoking is harmful to your health – and increases your risk of cancer – but you’re not ready to quit.

That’s OK. There are lots of reasons people smoke and you have yours.

If you’re not ready to quit, consider all the reasons you do smoke – now and in the past. What made you start to smoke is probably not the same reason you do it today. Taking time to think about this can support you to figure out the role smoking or vaping plays in your life and why it’s so important to you.

Talk to trusted friend, family member or Elder.  Our Quit Coaches, here at Talk Tobacco, can support either by phone, text, or chatting online.  If it isn’t your time to quit, you can still make some plans, like reducing or looking ahead to when might be a time to focus on quitting. In the meantime, you can acknowledge to yourself and others that quitting is a process and working at it takes time.

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