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Days 5 & 6

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  1. mommasgirl
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    09 Oct 2019
    13 Oct 2019
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    Hey everyone, 
    So today is day 5 and as much as the last 4 days have been hard iv'e at least been at home. Well today me and my parents and brother are going to see my dads parents. Im glad to go sicne my grandmas finaly lhome from radiation. But its usually when we go see them my smoking would increase hugely because someone always says something to start an argument or get on peoples nerves and wont mind there own god damn business. its hard enough as it is although my parents are starting to try to understand there are still times when they go back to being completly unsupprotive which is only going to make today worse. 
    Tomorrow wont be any better because we are going to see some family friends. With them the issue is if everyone is there 3 of them are smokers and as much as they go outside to do it, 
    1. they always invite me to go with them and offer me a smoke
    2. not all of them know i am quitting as mom has stopped telling them my business becuase sh eotld them something once which really hurt me becuase it was none of their business
    3. the tempation to smoke is going to be so much harder with them smoking 
    4. the fact there going to smell like smoke is going to make it so hard to resist
    with all of that being said for the next 2 days i am more terrified then i was before about takign a slip or even a fall. I want to do this and i want to quit which is why i reached out for support this time but i dont know if im strong enough given all the other stress going on in my life. 
    Has anyone felt this way and how did you cope and manage to deal with it adn nto give into the cravings? 

    Thanks for the continues support 

  2. justfortoday
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    12 Aug 2019
    13 Oct 2019
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    Hey there mommasgirl,
    Look at the amazing days behind you! I'm so proud of you!

    Look at the personal strength you have ... the last few days were so tough and you won the battles!

    The next couple of days might be hard, but draw on that inner strength you've proven you have.

    Remember, no one can make you smoke, this is your quit, not theirs.

    Something that helps me if I find myself up against a potential trigger is switching my focus from what is happening around me and instead use very simple mindfulness. Example: what are five colours I see right now, what five sounds do I hear outside, what five smells can I detect right now. You get the picture. This really helps bring my anxiety back to a healthier baseline.

    Walk easy, mommasgirl ... one step at a time.

2 posts, 0 answered