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Help on Day 13

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  1. kathleen1981
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    01 Oct 2019
    13 Oct 2019
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    Hi, I’m on day 13.  I used the lozenges the first 3 days and haven’t touched them since.  Is on day 13 I am SUPER irritable.  I’m wondering if I took a lozenge off it would help with the irritability? Or would it be like starting again since I’d be putting nicotine in my body again?
  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    13 Oct 2019 in reply to kathleen1981
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    Hi Kathleen 1981,

    Lozenges do contain nicotine, the addictive substance in a cigarette. Your body is going through withdrawal and craving due to this. If you gave your body a bit of nicotine like with a lozenge, your withdrawal would be eased and softened.

    Although nicotine is the addictive substance, the harm from smoking is mainly from the components and chemicals of the smoke itself.  A lozenge doesn't have that harm.

    The lozenges are meant to ease withdrawal slowly over time so that you can focus on changing habits, routines and learn how to successfully say no to a craving to smoke.

    Irritability is a withdrawal symptom that can last between 2-4 weeks.

    Drinking water, deep breathing, exercise and avoiding caffeine can all, also help ease the irritability you are feeling.

    I am sure there are other ideas too that you could put in place to help, things that relax you.

    Try out some of these choices that appeal to you, see what works for you. If the withdrawal  continues, try something else on the list. Withdrawal does go away and won't last forever.

    I am sure you will choose the right path for you!
    Congratulations on your quit!

2 posts, 0 answered