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Terrible Tastes - anyone else?

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  1. lm2020
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    13 Mar 2021
    26 Mar 2021
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    I'm on Day 21 of being smoke-free, and am feeling terrible with the worst being my taste. I have always loved coffee and this week no matter what coffee I had - home made, bought, hot, cold, cream & sugar or none - it all tasted terrible. At first I thought it was a bad coffee, but now I'm thinking otherwise. 

    On top of that, I'm getting a cough and feeling the gross mucus and phlegm in my throat, which every so often, I get this horrible taste in the back of my throat - almost tastes like a smoke, but 10x worse.  

    Anyone else experience these two things? Is this normal to not like food/drink you previously liked? Anyone else find the mucus/phlegm to taste like smoke/tar/grossness? 
  2. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    27 Mar 2021 in reply to lm2020
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    Hi Im2020,

    First of all, congrats on 3 weeks smoke-free! 

    Sorry to hear you are still experiencing withdrawal. However, the symptoms you mention are normal.

    As we quit smoking, our sense of taste and smell improve. Second, our lung start to clear. You body will try to push out this mucus, so although it is gross, cough it out if you can.

    Jenna Lee
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