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  1. shazzan
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    06 Nov 2018
    29 Dec 2018
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    A refreshing change from the usual, this year i will think about thinking about stopping procrastinating. ..... ummmmm

    51  glorious days of being a non-smoker, nicotine free and all with only 3 days of withdrawal which were mere fleeting thoughts of wanting a poison stick. 
    Being in the right mindset spared me from the withdrawal others seemed to face in adjusting to life as a non-smoker. Wanting to escape the treachery  and Believing i could be free from the enslavement of the nicotine monster made the escape easier than i could have ever imagined. 

    There is something new i have learned that made my quit easier

    1. When you quit nicotine, cut your caffeine in half. Without nicotine mellowing its effect you will feel anxious and mistake the feeling for withdrawal, the same as the next two....
    2) Eat breakfast, as a lot of smokers skipped this. Keep your blood sugar levels stable.
    3) Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Not only to negate effects but to flush toxins and nicotine out of your body. 

    These may have been the reasons why even my nicotine withdrawal stage was so mild and brief for me. I had  taken these steps in bettering my health  before falling into the quit. The mindset made the psychological part of adjusting to being a non-smoker of no consequence. 

    Read about my Journey and tips I have posted for a better understanding of the mindset and how you too can have a successful journey home. 

    Always remember that you are not giving up anything. You already gave up Home, a stress free life of being a non-smoker in trade for vile cartons of poison sticks , ill health, empty pockets, and enslavery to the never ending hunger of the nicotine monster. . Believe me when i tell you that cigarettes did nothing for you, but if you long for it, desire it, you will always be fighting it, You can kill it once and for all. Starve it. It will cry but let it fall on deaf ears. The power can be yours.
  2. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    29 Dec 2018 in reply to shazzan
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    Cheers to you Shazzan on entering 2019 a smoke-free you!
  3. renee, quitcoach
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    16 Jul 2018
    29 Dec 2018 in reply to shazzan
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    Great tips Shazzan
    And congratulations on your successful quit!
    Here’s to a great 2019

  4. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    29 Dec 2018
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    Hi shazzan,

    Congratulations on your 51 smoke free days!  That is truly wonderful.

    I like your suggestion about eating breakfast to keep blood sugar levels stable.  That is particularly important for people just starting out on their quits.  And you are right.  When I was a smoker, I always chose having a cigarette over having a bite to eat.  It was cigarettes first, everything else second.  Talk about warped priorities, eh?

    I am so glad you will be starting the New Year smoke free, shazzan.  You should be really proud of yourself.
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